Top 13 Most Hated Halloween Candies

Do you remember being a kid and frantically running from house to house on Halloween in search of the best candies around? Now do you remember how many times you came up short and got stuck with a bunch of your least favorite candies instead? I’m sure It happened more often than not. You probably noticed your bag was filled to the brim with unwanted retro candies and sweets you would usually find at your grandmother’s house (aka old people candies). Were you ever upset about how Smarties and Dum Dums totally outnumbered the other candies you brought home? How about all of the times you were given Apples or Raisins? We’re not supposed to be counting our weight watchers points, we’re trick-or-treating dammit!

We thought it would be fun to reminisce and compile the Top 13 Most Hated Halloween Candies. If you ever gave out these candies on Halloween and later had eggs thrown at your house or found toilet paper decorating your trees….well, you now know why it happened.


13. Pixy Stix

These straws of sugar taste like unprepared Jello mix and are enough to have you bouncing off the walls…even as an adult.


12. DOTS

These chewy fruit drops will be stuck in your teeth for days. The overall flavor simply isn’t worth the time and energy it takes to pick them out of your teeth.


11. Candy Cigarettes

Not only do these taste bland, but they don’t even resemble cigarettes. Double fail.


10. Sugar Daddy

These sticks of caramel were originally invented in 1925…and they taste like it too. They are in need of some updating.


 9. Cowtales

The creamy center of this caramel candy is intensely sweet. The outer layer of caramel tastes more like cookie dough and has a starchy, floury taste.


8. Candy Corn / Candy Pumpkins

This multi-colored candy actually lacks one very important thing…flavor. All you can taste is LOTS of sweetness.


7. Candy Buttons

Obviously the worst part about this stupid candy is that you always get stuck eating more paper than candy!


6. Bit-O-Honey

This old-fashioned candy tastes like honey flavored taffy. Your jaw will be exhausted by the time you are done chewing it.


5. Circus Peanuts

These over sized peanut shaped candies taste more like foam than marshmallow. They are pretty horrible.


4. Nik L Nip – Wax Bottles

Do these even qualify as candy? After you bite off the top, you will be left with nothing but wax in your teeth. Yuck.


3. Mary Jane

Not only is this chewy candy a dentist’s nightmare, but it’s not worth the cavities either. Overall, it tastes like stale taffy.


2. Necco

These retro wafers taste like chalk. I would say they taste like Tums but that would be a compliment.


1. Good & Plenty

This chewy licorice was first introduced in 1893 and hasn’t changed since. Let’s be honest, it’s time for this terrible candy to disappear for good. Not only is it the most hated Halloween candy, it may be the worst candy in the history of mankind too.


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17 Responses to Top 13 Most Hated Halloween Candies

  1. Bob says:

    Orange slices – not actually orange slices but the candy orange slices that are gooey and covered with sugar

  2. Weslyn Rae says:

    This list sucks. I love almost all of the candy on it and I know plenty of people that feel the same way.

  3. Morgue Anna says:


  4. royboy27 says:

    what about jelly-beans, mike ‘n ike’s, those nasty cinnamon fireballs, chocolate covered malt-balls… lemonheads? yuck yuck yuck!

  5. Kate says:

    I do like most of the candy on this list but you got it with Dots and Good’n Plenty’s I can’t believe they still make them they’re so gross!

  6. Casey says:

    Yay! My all time least favorite candy (candy corn and candy pumpkins) made the list, but it should be number 1. I also hated Dubble Bubble bubble gum mostly because I hate plain bubble gum flavor, but it just tasted like nothing but sugar and was so hard to chew. Finally, I could tell which houses got their candy at the dollar store because they would always have that NASTY taffy wrapped in the hideous orange and black wrappers. I mean if it does not have attractive packaging, what mkaes you think I would want to eat it. Another honorable mention would be those strawberry hard candies kind of like shaped like a cough drop. And the wrapper looked like a strawberry.

  7. scumbag man child says:

    Are you saying that candy ciggs should actually look like the real thing?

  8. Cc says:

    So untrue! Mary Janes r delicious.

  9. Anthony says:

    I like the pixy sticks, candy corn, nik l nips, mary jane, necco wafers, and good & plenty. Sugar daddies are ok, but I don’t like to bite into them. Instead, I eat lick or suck on them. For the Nik L Nips; I don’t bite off the wax caps. Instead, I’ll cut them off. Candy corn indeed has subtle flavor, but it’s the texture that does it for me. Necco wafers… well, I kind of like the taste of flavored chalk and I don’t want to get calcium kidney stones from eating TUMS. Some of the others I haven’t really tried to comment on. I’ve tried DOTS and definitely agree with you there, though I sometimes eat certain flavors and it’s usually only a couple. It’s been ages since I’ve had circus peanuts but I think they taste like banana marshmallow. Not sure if I liked it or not.

  10. says:

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  11. I agree wholeheartedly with this list, except that the flavorless/chalk/foam group has a place in the world. It keeps the sweet tooth occupied when you’re trying to focus on something else, such as at the circus or a ballgame. As a standalone treat, though, no. Candy cigarettes are for when you’re trying to decide whether to smoke or not. They should never have been invented.

  12. Scarras says:

    Shame on you! I like almost all the candy ON this list! (even had Circus Peanuts, Necco Wafers, and candy corn yesterday! And had Necco’s today,too! But Nik ‘l’ Nips, Wax Lips, (no rhyme intended) Necco candy buttons, strawberry drops (made, btw, by Brach’s), agreed. But I do like the Brach’s Gooseberry drops. They’re called Bon Bon’s (both flavors.).

  13. Scarras says:

    I love
    #11 (even though I don’t smoke)

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  15. Brooklyn Olivia Paramore says:

    i love all of this candy

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