Always Eat Your Vegetables: Lunch at The Grange

Grange 2 - editedUp until I visited The Grange, there was very little I knew about Vegetarian food. It was a type of cuisine that I never thought I would enjoy. No meat? No way! What’s the point?! Although I still consider myself to be a carnivore with an insatiable appetite, one meal at The Grange completed changed my perspective. The biggest misconception is that Vegetarian food is boring. Believe it or not, this was some of the most exciting and flavorful food I have tasted in a long time. It also has a bad rep for being called rabbit food, but that too is far from reality. Take a peek at the beauty above. You probably wouldn’t even know that meat was missing from this sandwich. In fact, you probably wouldn’t miss it either. It’s wholesome and hearty cuisine that highlights vegetables in a way that will make you forget about meat. Using seasonal, organic produce from local farms, Chef Jon Dille has created a menu that appeals to all foodies regardless of their lifestyle and appetite.

We started with the Po’ Boy with chicken fried oyster mushrooms, cabbage slaw, pickles and remoulade served on a pretzel roll (shown in the main picture above). This was a brilliant twist on a New Orleans classic. Traditionally served with oysters, it was reinvented with oyster mushrooms. More than just a clever play on words, it was also surprisingly similar in texture. Each bite was bursting with the flavor of the Bayou. Not to mention, pretzel rolls seems to be taking over the world so that automatically scores points in my book.

Grange 3We ordered a side of the Roasted Cauliflower with sweet chili sauce, green onion, cilantro ginger aioli and peanuts. This is by far the best cauliflower I have ever tasted. I can’t even begin to describe the amount of flavor jam-packed into this small plate. Tossed in a sweet and spicy chili sauce, the heat was balanced out by the cilantro ginger aioli. This is a perfect example of how vegetables can be exciting when done right. I bet more kids (and adults) would eat their veggies if they always tasted like this!

Grange 4 - edited

I’m not an expert on vegetarianism (sensing a theme here?), but it seems like eating eggs would be like cheating. Oh well, doesn’t bother me in any way so we promptly ordered the Frittata with smoked portabella, ricotta, kale, herbs and a side of toast. Found on both the brunch and lunch menus, this frittata was an earthy and nutritious blend of ingredients.

Grange 1

The Grange also has a great bar menu full of hand-crafted cocktails. I opted for the Maple Leaf served with Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Lemon and Maple.

So whether you are looking to grab a mixed drink or a bite to eat with friends, The Grange has something for EVERYONE. Trust me, you don’t need to be a vegetarian to enjoy The Grange. This is some of the best food you will find around Providence!

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