What You Missed at Sun BrewFest 2013…

sun brewfest 19The Sun BrewFest was in full swing last weekend, offering beer aficionados the chance to sample from a variety of 200 different beverages. The selection included everything from Crafts and Microbrews to Domestics and Imports. Guests were given a Mohegan Sun signature pilsner glass for tasting and to later take home as a souvenir. I made sure to make each 2 oz. fill count, choosing from plenty of Oktoberfest brews to celebrate Fall like the Germans taught us. Maybe it’s just me, but Fall doesn’t actually seem to start until the Pumpkin Ales hit the market…forget foliage and leaves changing colors. It’s really all about the Pumpkin Ales, and luckily, there were plenty to go around.

Aside from the seasonal beers, Goose Island, located in Chicago, turned out to be my favorite booth of the night. The “Big John” Imperial Stout was a bold slugger with over 11% ABV, substantial body, and finished with a rich, chocolate flavor. We also liked “Sofie” which was a smooth, refreshing Farmhouse Ale that was reminiscent of champagne.

sun brewfest 4Ommegang was a close runner-up for our favorite booth of the night, pouring some outstanding Belgian style ales. I highly recommend you search for “Hennepin” at your local liquor store because it was  full-bodied, hoppy, and crisp. Perfectly balanced and very drinkable.

sun brewfest 18From foosball tables to live bands, the 2nd annual Mohegan Sun BrewFest was a great time all around. Our favorite experience was talking to the brewmasters and listening to the history behind their handcrafted beers. The most memorable story involved Veldensteiner small batch beers made with recipes found in old Italian monastery. Cheers to that!

Thanks again to Mohegan Sun and everyone involved. See you next year!

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