The FuGo Food Truck: Where Asian & Latin Cuisines Collide


For over the past several weeks I’ve been on a pretty serious food truck kick. As soon as lunch time rolls around, I immediately head to Twitter and scour my timeline for food truck locations, menus and specials. One truck in particular, FuGo Food Truck, has been catching my eye (and stomach) as of late. Their menu is composed of a number of Asian and Latin inspired creations and the results are mouth-watering.

On a recent trip to the Providence Flea, I made it a priority to visit Jason and his wife Nina for some good food and conversations. After chopping it up with the FuGo fam, I managed to discover that they are still infants in the food truck game (they’ve been operating for a little over 2 months). Despite being newcomers to the industry, FuGo has already garnered the attention of the Rhode Island food community and their Shrimp Tempura Lettuce Wraps have even been featured on the Rhode Show. When asked about the best part about operating and managing a food truck, Jason explained: “The ability to experiment and create new dishes is my favorite part of the job.” And the worst part? “Haha. It can get really hot inside the truck.”

When out and about in Providence, be sure to look out for their two-tone truck. You can't miss 'em!

When out and about in Providence, be sure to look out for their two-tone truck. You can’t miss ’em!

Chorizo Bocadillos – Asian/Latin fusion at its finest. Thick cut slices of chorizo are bathed in a mango-chipotle glaze and stuffed inside a soft, warm bao bun.

FuGo Wings – Easily some of the best wings you’ll find in the state. The specially crafted sweet chili-chipotle sauce coats the wings entirely. The result is an intense collection of flavors and textures. Smoky. Crispy. Juicy. They’re paired with slices of grilled bread and are perfect for soaking up all that excess sauce.


Chicken Teriyaki Taco – Chunks of marinated chicken fill the inner lining of the tortilla and is topped with rice and grilled pineapple. Thank You Based Taco Gods.

Be sure to follow FuGo Food Truck on Twitter, as it’s the best way to find out their location and hours of operation.
Fugo Food Truck on Urbanspoon

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