Bizarre Foods Baltimore & Chesapeake Bay – The Andrew Zimmern Quotables

Courtesy of Travel Channel

Courtesy of Travel Channel

This past Monday, we were treated to another episode of Bizarre Foods America as Andrew Zimmern tagged alongside many of the locals in the Baltimore and Chesapeake Bay area. The themes of the episode revolved around the long-standing roots and traditions that are still going strong today in Maryland. Take for example, Andrew’s visit to the J.W. Clayton Seafood Company. It’s one of the few remaining wholesale seafood distributors in Maryland and to this day, all of their locally caught crabs are hand peeled and picked. 

In Baltimore, Andrew teamed with Charlie, a neighborhood Arabber, who is continuing the tradition of selling fruit and produce from a horse-drawn cart. Both of these encounters are perfect examples of the locals keeping a rich, tradition alive, no matter the changes that occur around them. This sense of pride is evident throughout the episode and leads to a number of unique, quirky conversations between the locals and Andrew Zimmern. So, without further ado, here’s this weeks’ installment of The Andrew Zimmern Quotables!

Courtesy of Travel Channel

Courtesy of Travel Channel

Describing his love for setting up Eel Pots (traps) out on the Chesapeake Bay:
“The best part about this by the way, is putting the dead, rotted clam bait in there. That’s fun!”

Andrew explaining the inner qualities of Rhonda, a local living off the Chesapeake Bay:
“Rhonda exudes serenity, even when she’s skinning muskrats.”

After watching buckets of back shell fat and crab leg meat getting minced and extruded:
“I could eat that in a bowl, with toast. All night long on the couch.”

Andrew’s personal philosophy on the importance of fresh food:
“If you’re gonna eat hearts and lips and ears and anuses, freshness is really, really important.”

An excerpt from Andrew’s conversation with Henry Hong (pictured above) at the local Korean market:
Andrew: “Cod Sperm!”
Henry Hong: “It’s cheap! $3.99 a pound.”
Andrew: “For sperm!”

Next week on Bizarre Foods America – The Ozarks

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