David Burke Prime Dishes Out Their Take on Brunch

Nationally renowned chef David Burke recently unveiled a new brunch menu at his Burke Prime Foxwoods location. After hearing the news, we decided to hop on 95 South to give some of their new dishes a try. Any mention of the word brunch immediately brings up nostalgic memories of waking up past Noon and enjoying plates of Biscuits & Gravy with slices of melon on the side. Yep. That’s brunch in a nutshell for me. Although Prime’s menu doesn’t include warm, buttery biscuits, it’s still full of irresistible classics like Eggs Benedict (pictured above), buttermilk pancakes and fresh seasonal fruit. Simply put, David Burke Prime is an awesome place to have weekend brunch (or a dinner for that matter – check out our previous review here). Just remember that brunch is only served on Sundays…so plan accordingly!

Lobster Bisque – Order this and laugh at everyone else because they didn’t. Or you can be a nice person and recommend it to the rest of the table. Either way, it’ll be one of the best bisques you will ever have. Did I mention it comes with a tempura coated strip of lobster? Cot damn.

Pretzel Crusted Crab Cake – Definitely an item you’d see on a Chef Burke inspired menu. Creative take on the crab cake but it fell a bit short. Although the pineapple chutney was bright and refreshing. there was not enough lump crab meat, which should have actually been the star of the dish.

Prime Rib Hash Benedict – 
As soon as it arrived, I stabbed through the poached eggs with my fork and allowed the yolk to ooze onto the charred prime rib hash. After that, pure food nirvana. Hearty plate with tons of comforting flavors.

Steak & Eggs – The rich, creamy chive hollandaise elevated the petite sirloin to another level. Paired with homefries, it’s a go to choice if you’re in the mood for some good ole meat n’ potatoes.

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