Bizarre Foods Chicago – The Andrew Zimmern Quotables

Courtesy of Travel Channel

Courtesy of Travel Channel

This week on Bizarre Foods America, Andrew Zimmern traveled to Chicago to explore the Windy City’s cutting edge cuisine. This was a tame episode for Zimmern as it didn’t feature him eating raw meat and organs for a change. Instead, it showcased why Chicago is one of the most dynamic food cities in the country. From exotic ingredients to modern techniques, Chicago chefs are leading the culinary movement in innovation. As Zimmern even said, “chefs aren’t just pushing the envelope, they are blowing up mail trucks here.”

Aside from all the fancy food, Zimmern still managed to taste a dish with whale vomit and a soup known for smelling like a dead body. As always, this allowed us to capture some amusing quotes. Now, on to the Quotable Zimmern!

Courtesy of Travel Channel

Courtesy of Travel Channel

While being offered a cup of beef blood at a butcher shop:
Butcher: This is beef’s blood. You want to taste it?…
Zimmern: Remember who you are talking to. Throw straws in that and let’s dip in!

After tasting “Cheonggukjang” aka” dead body soup” named for it’s horrific odor from fermented soybean paste:
“That has the aroma of something that’s been dead…But it has the sweet beautiful flavor of rotted flesh…which I like!”

After being told they will be cooking with Ambergris (aka sperm whale vomit):
Zimmern: “What would you even do with it?”
Chef: “You’re gonna find out”
Zimmern: “Well I’m glad I’m eating and not cooking, I can tell you that”
Chef: “I think I’m glad I’m cooking and not eating”

Zimmern’s opinion on the ingredient’s fancy name:
“You can call it Ambergris all you want, it’s still just barf”

After tasting the Ambergris and Seaweed dish:
“The aroma is tobacco and cat urine…but in a good way!”

After being left to clean up his own dinner at EL Ideas Restaurant:
“The thing I like about EL Ideas is you can go from TV food host to busboy in about 30 seconds”

Next week on Bizarre Foods America – BALTIMORE AND CHESAPEAKE BAY

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