Bizarre Foods Wisconsin – The Andrew Zimmern Quotables

Courtesy of Travel Channel

Courtesy of Travel Channel

This week on Bizarre Foods America, Andrew Zimmern traveled to Wisconsin, our nation’s dairyland. While visiting the cheese capital of the United States, Zimmern discovered the science of making milk taste more pure and delicious. But his food excursion didn’t just revolve around dairy. Oh no. He also ate lamb organs served in a Serbian casserole and emu heart from a local farm. Although Zimmern is an advocate for alternative proteins, he admitted that he doesn’t foresee emu making an appearance at our dinner tables anytime soon. Nonetheless, that didn’t stop him from tasting various parts of this freaky oversized bird…including the Rocky Mountain Oysters equivalent when it comes to Emu “goods”. As always, this allowed us to capture some hilarious quotes. Now, on to the Quotable Zimmern!

Courtesy of Travel Channel

Courtesy of Travel Channel

While learning about the art of aging cheese and the mold process:
“Why is it that I like all the cheeses that have little bugs that take craps in them?”

Expressing his disdain for the Green Bay Packers (as a true fan of the Minnesota Vikings):
“Seriously, What the $%&@. They aren’t even like a professional football team. The community owns them and their colors are green and yellow!”

After being invited to a Serbian family’s house, the father demonstrates how to cook lamb organ casserole:
Man: “This is a guys dish. The girls, they bake.”
Zimmern: “Way to go pal. You just set the women’s rights movement back about 40 years in this country.”

Explaining Serbian tradition at a family gathering:
“As the patriarch, grandpa gets dibs on the lamb’s eyeball.”

Zimmern showing good manners at a Serbian birthday party:
Zimmern: “It’s your birthday, do you want the rest of the brains?”
Birthday girl: “No, I’m okay…”

After being served emu testicles at a local farm:
Zimmern: “I’ve never had grilled emu testicles before.
Zimmern: That’s kind of an uneven looking pair”
Man: “Yes it is”
Zimmern: “That’s kind of like an anatomical mystery”

Zimmern puzzled by the appearance of emu testicles:
“Please forgive me, I had no idea that emus had black balls”

While touring a slaughterhouse where they make an intriguing blend called “offal tasty”:
Zimmern: “Does it have liver in it?”
Butcher: “It has the liver”
Zimmern: “Does it have heart in it”
Butcher: “It has the heart in it. And it has the kidneys too”
Zimmern: “God bless you”

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