¡Holy Mole! Mexican Food Gold Mine at La Lupita

You ever get into one of those food moods where you’re eating nothing but Mac and Cheese or endless bowls of Captain Crunch? It’s like damn, I really like romaine lettuce today. Call it a binge or a food phase. It’s like when you hear a song for the first time and instantly hit that repeat button. Well, this happened to me and I was on a taco kick. Mapping out my quest for real, authentic Mexican food wasn’t easy, but a friend pointed me in the direction of La Lupita in Onleyville.

Nestled on the outskirts of Westminster Street, La Lupita is a very low-key spot with some good grub. It’s family owned and operated and a makeshift convenience store makes up a section of the restaurant. I find it pretty dope that you can buy a carne asada burrito and a bag of Masa flour all in one place. The menu features the usual lineup of tacos, tostadas, pernil, and enchiladas. Prices are on point too with tacos for less than $2 bucks. What’s not the love here?

Crispy Tacos – A thicker, corn tortilla is fried and filled with seasoned ground beef and topped with cheese, sour cream and lettuce. La Lupita’s version is served open-faced and normally, the filling consists of pulled chicken. I guess I found my excuse to go back!

Loco Burrito – Decent burrito filled to the brim with fixin’s. There was very little grilled steak and marinated pork for my liking. Too much rice and refried beans and not enough of the good stuff.

Mole Enchiladas – Now this is where La Lupita shines. Rich, house made mole sauce is ladled over three hand-rolled tortillas filled with pulled chicken. The mole sauce wasn’t overly sweet and provided amazing balance to the rest of the dish. The side of rice and beans were ok but that’s not why you’re ordering this plate.

La Lupita on Urbanspoon

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