Bizarre Foods Alaska – The Andrew Zimmern Quotables

Courtesy of Travel Channel

Courtesy of Travel Channel

If you have ever watched Bizarre Foods America on the Travel Channel, then you know Andrew Zimmern has an unusual appetite. We all know that the food that goes into his mouth is strange, but what comes out of his mouth is sometimes even more amusing. For that reason, we have decided to add a new segment on our site called “The Andrew Zimmern Quotables” where we will pick our favorite lines from each weekly episode.

This week, Zimmern traveled to Alaska’s Inside Passage to explore native cuisine passed down from generation to generation. He uncovered a bounty of new flavors including fresh sea cucumbers, pickled gumboots, smoked hooligan, as well as some unforgettable Alaskan food with horrific aromas (as Zimmern describes in hilarious detail). Now, on to the Quotable Zimmern!

Courtesy of Travel Channel

Courtesy of Travel Channel

While being taught how to inseminate salmon eggs:
“OK, so show me the technique here. It’s not that I’m completely clueless about how this works…owning my own equipment and all.”

After inseminating the salmon eggs:
Zimmern: “I have impregnated those eggs personally.”
Man: “Yes, that one has your name on it right there.”

While adding water to bucket to activate salmon eggs:
Man: Once I let the water on, it’s going to be fireworks going on inside that bucket.
Zimmern: Exactly. It’s going to be like pop the champagne, lower the lights, close the blinds and let it rip.
Man: See that. A few seconds and it’s over with.
Zimmern: I think I need a cigarette.

Tasting Spoiled Salmon Eggs also known as “Stink Eggs” (and grimacing):
“It is a part of the fish that you would never want to let spoil. With all due respect, this is one craziest things that I’ve ever eaten and it was almost impossible to get in my mouth because it smelled so strong…that right there is a swift kick in the rear.”

After being informed Stink Eggs are a delicacy:
“Whenever someone tells you something is a delicacy, that’s code for “you should like it more.”

While finding gumboots alive and still feeding:
“There is the kelp it was eating and I’m literally pulling it right out of its stomach. I love eating food while it’s eating other things!”

After digging up fermented salmon heads known as “Stink Heads” buried underground:
Man: “I make this for my parents all the time.
Zimmern: “You’re a good son.”

After tasting fermented salmon heads:
“I’m never eating that again as long as I live. That’s really really harsh. Amonia, rotted flesh, spoiled onions. All these flavors come to mind. You really like this?!!”

Next week on Bizarre Foods America – WISCONSIN

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