Huddle Up and Eat! Dave & Buster’s Providence unveils New Menu and Sports Bar

Not too long ago, Dave & Buster’s Providence Place was commonly heralded as the promise land of Goldfingers, Double Cheeseburgers, Virtual Tennis and Time Crisis. Although, over time, D&B began to lose its luster as the destination for all things fun. Minimal changes to the menu, cramped eating quarters and outdated games were to blame and it seemed as if nothing was going to be done about it. Not to mention, it never really had the feel of a place to grab a bite and catch a game. Thankfully, my assumptions were totally wrong.

What you will now notice is a more spacious, clean, modernized dining area with booths, tables and bar stools. The pool tables are gone and the space in now occupied by cafeteria-style tables and new flat screen TV’s to ensure you don’t miss any of the sports action. They have also added a new Sports Bar which is fitted with even more TV’s and a higher ceiling. The emphasis on creating more open space really shines when you step inside the new and improved Dave & Buster’s.

One question remained however. How will the revamped menu compare to the new digs? Click the jump to find out!

Poppin’ Potatoes

The name says it all. These bite-size, potent poppables are straight up addicting. Golden fried exterior with a warm, chewy interior. Perfect app for the table.


The 5:15 consists of 5 Pretzel Dogs, 5 Quesadilla Wedges, 5 Buffalo Wings and 5 Crispy Fried Shrimp with a side of BBQ Potato Chips

The 5:15

An ode to the 9 to 5ers, this behemoth appetizer is the go to choice when closing the books on a busy work day. The pretzels dogs were slammin’ and quickly erased any prior encounters with the Auntie Annie variety (Pusha T voice: Yuck!). Wings were juicy and slightly crisp. Could have done without the quesadillas, but overall, an appetizer worth coming back for.

Return of the Mac-k

Return of the Mac-k

THE MAC! and Cheese

Easily the best entree we tasted. Creamy sharp cheddar filled every nook and cranny of the cavatappi pasta. Mix in some chopped chicken breast and applewood smoke bacon bits and you have one helluva meal. Comfort food to a tee. Stay in your Daytona USA lane and order this.

Simple, classic flavors stand out and anything with bacon is always a winner.

Simple, classic flavors stand out and anything with bacon is always a winner.

The Lawnmower

Creative take on the chopped salad. Presentation was a nice touch and all of the ingredients were crisp and fresh. Huge portion, so it can easily be split up (if you’re into that sorta thing).

Really like the effort but this is a dish that's needs a new gameplan.

Really like the effort but this is a dish that’s needs a new gameplan.

Island Grilled Trifecta

This is where Dave and Buster’s falls a bit short. The rice was bland and offered next to nothing as a side. The skewered strips of sirloin were chewy and the teriyaki glaze seemed to mask any potential steak flavor. Chicken and shrimp were the highlights of the trio. I do appreciate the direction they are going by expanding the realm of bar food, but this dish paled in comparison to the others.

Overall, D&B’s new menu really stands out and you will definitely enjoy what they have to offer. My advice is to stick to the classics when it comes to apps and entrees. You won’t be disappointed. After lunch or dinner, be sure to check out their lineup of new games. See me at Hot Shots Basketball and I’ll obliterate you. Seriously.

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