Travel Channel’s Andrew Zimmern Visits Rhode Island

Zimmern HeaderBeing such a tiny state, there’s a strong chance you may have spotted Andrew Zimmern and an entire camera crew scurrying around Rhode Island over the last few days. Rumor has it they visited Little Rhody to film an upcoming episode of Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods. If you have ever seen Bizarre Foods America, then you know it is surprisingly tame in comparison to the International version. Zimmern doesn’t just hop around from state-to-state eating bugs and rodents. Instead, he tries to immerse himself in the local culture and explore all of the unique aspects each individual state has to offer. So you can bet he grabbed some fresh seafood and Hot Weiners while he was in town!

If you follow Andrew Zimmern on Instagram (@chefaz), you can see his entire trip documented by some pretty cool photos. And if this is any indication of what will be included in the episode, then you can expect to see the following places highlighted on the show. I can’t wait!!!

  • Fishing at Point Judith
  • Scialo Bakery
  • Venda Ravioli
  • Antonelli Poultry Co.
  • Iggy’s
  • Matunuck Oyster Bar
  • Ponaug Marina
  • Johnson & Wales Cooking & Mixology Class
  • Narragansett Creamery
  • Olneyville NY System
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