Namaste!: Kabob and Curry’s Indian Cuisine is sure to please

A few weekends ago, we enjoyed a hearty dinner at Kabob & Curry in Providence. Located on Thayer St. next to Nice Slice, this cozy Indian restaurant offers freshly prepared dishes at welcoming prices. On Sundays, you can enjoy their brunch buffet for less than $11 (never-ending Naan bread, Tandoori chicken and Rice pudding highlight this feast). This night however, we ordered from their dinner menu and anxiously awaited a spread of simmered lamb, vegetable samosa and delicious mango Indian milkshakes.

The dining room can easily be described as confined, cozy, and even cramped. We didn’t mind. In all honesty, it added to the ambiance. If close quarters is not your thing, simply head upstairs to the main dining room. There is plenty of space up top. Ok, the service was, well, sub par. The waiter seemed bored, unenthused and at times non-existent. Fortunately, we hear the staff is known to be very friendly and eager to please.

Mango Lassi ($3)

One of the highlights of the night, seriously. It’s a great complement to any Indian dish as the sweetness counteracts all of the fiery spices. Order the Mango Lassi and make everyone at the table jealous because they ordered water like wussies.

Vegetable Samosa ($3)

Think overstuffed turnovers lightly fried to a crisp. The filling was a puree mixture of seasoned potatoes and peas. If you’re looking to play it safe when choosing an appetizer, their vegetable samosas are the way to go.

Lamb Garley ($4)

The Lamb Garley was easily our favorite appetizer. We were presented with a plate of dumplings generously packed with minced lamb and a blend of cumin, curry and other spices. One of the greatest values on the menu. For under $5, it’s a great appetizer to share with others (if you’re into that sort of thing). The filling was a bit dry, but other than that, it’s an excellent way to start your meal.

Chicken Xacuti ($13)

We have a winner folks! Tender, moist chunks of chicken nestled gently in a molten pool of coriander, fennel and coconut paste. We would have liked a little more heat in this dish but we’re picking hairs here.

Lamb Roganjosh ($16)

Looks can definitely be deceiving when it comes to Indian food (as seen in main picture above). For this particular dish, it’s all about the blend of Kashmiri spices…which will make your taste buds break out those infamous Bollywood dance moves. An aromatic dish with an orchestra of flavors. Authentic Indian cuisine at its finest.

Kabob n Curry on Urbanspoon

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