Local Breweries Shine at the 1st Annual Mohegan Sun BrewFest

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Last weekend, we attended the first annual Mohegan Sun BrewFest and let’s just say we are already hoping this spectacular event becomes a yearly occurrence! In case you missed it, Mohegan Sun put together an amazing showcase allowing beer aficionados to sample from over 100 different beers and ciders for an astonishingly affordable price of $20. Yes, you read it right.

If you’ve been to more than one beer fest rodeo, I imagine you paid twice what we paid per ticket, if not more. For that reason, I’m sure you can appreciate the VALUE that Mohegan Sun was offering to all of us for their first ever BrewFest. Most people can’t go to the bar and order a couple of drinks without spending $20, never mind unlimited samples at a 4 hour event at one of the best casinos in the country. Needless to say, we made sure we were part of this epic event!

A bunch of geese.

Let’s start with some of our favorites beers of the night. Goose Island, located in Chicago and one of our favorite breweries, was offering a wide variety of their signatures beers. One of the most memorable selections was the Sofie for its complex characteristics. This Belgian style Farmhouse Ale had hints of citrus with a smooth, sweet finish that tasted like Vanilla.

Not too far from the Goose Island booth, Newcastle was a power hitter during the weekend and for good reason. Their Werewolf Blood Red Ale was a comforting blend of rye and plum with some bitterness towards the end.  Ales rarely disappoint so no surprise with our back to backs picks here.

The best part however, wasn’t the free can openers, it was the surprising number of local breweries. The state of Connecticut has never been a powerhouse in the microbrew industry. But boy, are they making a push towards notoriety. Many of the featured breweries were located minutes from the casino and just a short drive from Providence.

Tom Hooker’s Chocolate Truffle Stout out of Bloomfield was borderline liquid crack. Strong hints of caramel and toffee make this stout a winner. A very versatile beer with a smooth finish. Need we say more?

Another local brewery that had us waiting in line for more, City Steam, did an excellent job with their duo of ales. Our favorite, the Naughty Nurse,  started with aromas of fruit with consistent hoppiness throughout. I guess we really like our ales huh?


From ping-pong tables to live bands, the first annual Mohegan Sun BrewFest was a success in our eyes. One of the best experiences was simply talking to the brewmasters and reps behind the breweries and discovering the stories and history of their handcrafted beers.  Thanks again to Mohegan and cheers to everyone involved! We’ll see y’all next year!

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