Welcome to the Steak Jaaaammmm: Michael Jordan’s Steak House at Mohegan Sun

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There’s no denying Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time. A quick glance at his resume should immediately prove his sheer dominance of the sport. Six-time NBA champion (remember the “Flu Game“?). Five-time MVP and currently the third highest scorer in NBA history. But the personal accolades and achievements pale in comparison to what he’s done off the court. From movies to sneakers and even minor league baseball, Jordan has never shied away from a challenge or business opportunity for that matter.

A few weekends back, we were invited to Michael Jordan’s Steak House at Mohegan Sun for dinner. My initial thought was that the steaks and everything on the menu has to be good, especially if it’s bearing the name of one of the greatest athletes of our time. With my mind set on an awesome dinner, we made our way into the main dining room (they also offer private seating). Low lights and spirited conversations filled the air and provided the ambiance for the evening.

MJ’s Surf & Turf: NY Strip paired with a Lobster Tail

Anytime I eat at a steak house, I usually end up ordering the NY Strip. It’ a great cut of steak, and more importantly, it’s a an effective way to decipher the amount of work and craftmanship that’s taking place in Executive Chef Mateo’s kitchen. MJ’s version is aged 28 days and is finished with a Worcestershire glaze, leaving the steak with a shiny exterior.

Overall, it was a prime slab of steak. The outer edges introduced a slight crust of herbs and spices although I would have preferred more of MJ’s signature rub on my steak. The juicy, warm interior was cooked to near perfection leading to a soft, buttery bite every time. The lobster was no slouch either. Very tender and sweet, the meaty tail was the yin to my NY Strips’ yang.

I also ordered a side of creamed spinach and was left with wanting more. The parmesan cheese crumbles which covered the spinach was a great touch. The nuttiness of the cheese worked well with the slightly bitter greens. Good but not great. I wouldn’t recommend this side dish if you’re anticipating a gooey, creamy blend of sautéed spinach.

Prime Bone In Ribeye

Similar to my NY Strip, the Ribeye was also coated in a sea of MJ’s signature rub and then finished with a Worcestershire glaze. No complaints here folks. Perfectly crusted and seasoned, the Ribeye did not disappoint.

Along with the creamed spinach, we also ordered a side of MJ’s Home Fries which were topped with bits of bacon and truffle oil. Served skillet-style, these potatoes wedges were crispy on the outside and hot and fluffy on the inside. Larger chunks of bacon and a drizzle or two more of truffle oil would have made this dish an all-star.

Chocolate Peanut Butter “Kit-Kat” Bars

Surprisingly there was still room for dessert. Along with the “Kit-Kat” bars pictured above, we also ordered their Hot Chocolate Cake with Cinnamon Ice Cream.

Cake & Ice Cream

I really admire the creative direction Executive Chef Mateo took with the “Kit-Kat” bars. The cold, creamy texture matched effortlessly with the crunchy wafers which were layered in between some chocolate peanut buttery goodness. Make sure to order this dessert without hesitation.

The Hot Chocolate cake on the other hand wasn’t as stimulating. The cake fell short in comparison to the unmatched awesomeness of the cinnamon ice cream. The simple fusion of vanilla and cinnamon ended our night on a high note. If only they could combine these two desserts and dish out two scoops of ice cream with a few “Kit-Kat” bars. Sigh. A man can dream right?

The ambiance, service and steaks made it well worth the visit. And to my knowledge, MJ’s is the only place where you can get your hands on those delicious “Kit-Kat” bars. Definitely reserve a dinner at MJ’s for that special night out. Or if you get beginners luck at the craps table, make sure to cash out and head upstairs towards MJ’s for an awesome selection of prime and dry-aged steaks and more.

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