Celtic Pride: The Chipotle Pastrami Sandwich at Sam LaGrassa’s

Sandwiches rule all. Using 2 pieces of bread as your blank canvas, you can quickly create a masterpiece by piling on whatever the heck you want. A sandwich’s versatility is reminiscent of a modern-day Peter Sellers. From breakfast to late-night fridge raids, the sandwich reigns supreme in the world of hand-held treats.

A few weekends ago, I stumbled upon a sandwich shop tucked neatly in the confines of downtown Boston. Nice little spot. The interior reminded me of an upscale pizza parlor but the floating aroma of slow braised brisket and corned beef quickly took my attention away from the decor. Their menu will drive you mad as it nearly took me 5 minutes to place my order. Click the jump to see the fruits of my indecisiveness.

Rumanian Pastrami, Swiss, Coleslaw, Chipotle Honey Mustard

It bears repeating; their menu is pure madness. At first glance, you immediately succumb to the fact that you’ll have to come back because there are so many tantalizing choices. Chipotle and Pastrami just sounded like it made sense and…it did.

A grilled crusty italian roll worked wonders with the hand-carved layers of pastrami. The sandwich was downright amazing. If you order the platter you’ll be presented with generous sides of coleslaw and potato salad. The coleslaw was crisp and was mixed with little to no mayo. Potato salad was ok. Next time I’ll probably stick to just a sandwich and a Snapple. Also, the prices are a bit higher than your normal sandwich spot. Although when it comes down to it, your paying for premium ingredients so if you’re going to splurge, do it here.

On a totally non-sandwich related note, we managed to snag a couple of tickets to Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals while we were enjoying our last few bites of heaven. $100 was our max and the mad dash to Craigslist began. As if it were scripted, we found a set of balcony seats for $200 and the seller was just a 5 minute walk from La Grassa’s. In an instant, the deal was made and we were en route to TD Bank North to boo the home team.

Here are a few pics from the game (Go Thunder!):

Sam Lagrassa's on Urbanspoon

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