Surviving the Big Sur

Ok, so this post was seriously overdue and I applaud those who have stuck with me. It’s been a month since we last spoke, so it’s only fitting for me to keep you guys up to speed. After Venice Beach, we made a quick “pit stop” in LA to meet up with a good friend over at Stout. We didn’t bother taking any pictures because it was too damn bright out and we were just really hungry (#firstworldproblems).

After devouring a spread of burgers, onion rings and bread pudding, we focused our attention onto the next leg of the journey. A 6 hour drive along the Pacific Coast in the middle of the night awaited us. Looking back, we had NO IDEA what we were about to get into.

Driving to the Big Sur was NOT EASY! For over a span of a 100 miles we were forced to navigate our minivan along winding roads and paths that seemed suitable for donkeys. Oh and our phones were out of service which only heightened the anxiety and nervousness of reaching the Big Sur in one piece. Mix in a slight case of drowsiness due to complete lack of sleep (no hotel tonight) and you got yourself one of the craziest drives of all time.

But, as they say, what makes you weak only makes your stronger and by sunrise we had successfully scaled the Pacific Coastline and more importantly, we were alive! Running on about 2 hours of sleep, we packed our camera gear and headed towards the first stop on the Big Sur Tour, McWay Falls.

This place was absolutely breathtaking. It truly felt like I was on another planet. The day before we were surrounded by mansions, Bentley’s and high society. Now, our backyard consisted of trails, forests and horizons that seemed to never end.

The inspiration behind visiting the Big Sur came from one of my favorite blogs, The Madbury Club. One place in particular, Pfieffer Beach, caught my eye and I made it known that it was our next stop. At first, the rest of the gang seemed hesitant, but boy did their notions change in a heartbeat.

For the next hour or so, we pretty much soaked in the scenery and landscape. We felt like children exploring the unknowns of the world and I enjoyed every single second of it. If you have the time, please take a gander at a few of Albert’s photos. In short, they are spectacular.


The rest of the day was spent driving through the Big Sur and occasionally stopping for a photo-op or two. I didn’t want my time here to end, but we knew there was much more ahead…

Photos by: Moses Sium

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