Gotta Go to Ichigo Ichie

I have been dying to go to Ichigo Ichie for quite some time now. Back in February, I had a reservation here for my birthday that I later had to cancel because I got sick. Getting sick on your birthday is not fun…especially when you’re forced to miss out on sushi and hibachi as a result. It’s OK though. I finally had a chance to reschedule (life’s been busy lately) and it was definitely worth the wait.

I’ve heard lots of people rave about this teppanyaki restaurant, boasting that it blows Kon and Shogun out the water. And if you follow Urbanspoon, you will notice Ichigo Ichie is currently ranked the #1 restaurant in Rhode Island based on user reviews. So that’s exactly why we headed down to East Providence to find out what this popular Japanese steakhouse was all about.

We started with the Monster Roll (shown in the main picture above). This signature roll was packed with Lobster Tempura, Asparagus, Avocado, Sliced Mango, and Seaweed Salad. It was then smothered in a combination of Mango Sauce and Thai Sauce.

I had high hopes for this sushi roll when it landed on the table. It’s true people eat with their eyes first. The colors and the overall presentation had my mouth watering. However, once I picked up the first piece with my chopsticks and took my first bite, I was instantly disappointed. The sauce drowned out all of the other ingredients, causing them to become mushy.

In my opinion, good sushi is all about properly cooked rice paired with fresh seafood. These two ingredients should always be at the forefront. The Monster Roll was more about the sauce and unfortunately it overpowered everything else. I don’t know why they use lobster because you definitely can’t taste it after it’s drenched in the Mango Sauce and the Thai Sauce. I would recommend trying a different sushi roll on their menu because I truly hated this one.

Our hibachi chef put on a great show and cooked up some delicious food!

Luckily the hibachi was much better than the sushi. I ordered the sirloin steak dinner which was served with shrimp, rice, and a medley of vegetables. The portions were gigantic! I’m known to have a big appetite and not even I could finish the entire plate. In fact, I even took it home and ate it for lunch the next day. The picture doesn’t really do the portion size justice…but trust me…there was A LOT of food!

Usually my biggest complaint about hibachi is that everything tastes the same (usually like soy sauce) since it is cooked on the same teppanyaki grill. Ichigo Ichie managed to season everything differently so that there was more depth of flavor beyond just soy sauce. Everything was delicious!

Although the sushi fell short of my expectations, I loved my hibachi dinner. Based on portion size and taste, I would agree that Ichigo Ichie is better than some other local competing Japanese steakhouses like Kon and Shogun. Plus, Ichigo Ichie’s high energy atmosphere and stunning decor like the picturesque waterfall by the entrance added to the overall experience.

Ichigo Ichie is definitely worth checking out. Just remember to make a reservation at Ichigo because the place is ALWAYS packed. Enjoy!!!

Ichigo Ichie on Urbanspoon

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