Land and Sea

Ok so quick recap. Fly to San Diego. Sleep in a motel. Wake Up. Drive to Vegas and then drive to the Grand Canyon. But before we start, I wanted to quickly talk about Vegas. I managed to not take a single picture in Sin City. Not sure why but I’ve been there before and didn’t want to be “touristy”. I can say Roberto’s Taco Shop on 1220 East Harmon is a must stop if you’re in town. Cheap ass prices and generous portions. We also stopped by Fruition and spent a few minutes talking to Chris Julian, who co-founded this one of a kind clothing boutique. Please check out their shop online as they have a selection like no other.

Looking back, I kinda wish I took pictures in Vegas. LOL. Ok onto the Grand Canyon…

Mommy Nature at her finest

The drive to the Grand Canyon was breathtaking and the near 5 hour excursion flew by. Mountains filled the panoramic landscape as we approached one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Rolling up to the toll booth in our silver stallion,  we were greeted by a perky toll attendant cheerfully demanding $25 for the entrance fee. After an exchange of 5’s and 1’s and a stack of park maps, we drove towards the South Rim.

The Grand Canyon is…DOPE!!!!!! Can’t put it any other way. I felt like I was on the set of Total Recall and at any given moment I would have bumped into Doug Quaid himself. We managed to spend the rest of the day walking along many of the man-made paths. But we didn’t fly across the country to just settle for pavement trails and unsalted peanuts. Nah, we wanted to be adventurous and more than anything, curious.

Nap Spot

While the crew continued to walk along the South Rim, I chose to take the road less traveled. I discovered a small trail descending downwards into the Canyon and eventually found this little nook overlooking the infinite horizon. I was kinda tired and felt like it was the perfect time to take a little catnap. Easily a top-5 nap in my book.


When night struck, we were forced to head back towards the van and begin our drive to Vegas. We figured it was the perfect rest stop en route to LA. Hernan took over for the night shift and looking back, being in the same car he was driving in was, well, interesting. But, we made it back to Vegas by midnight and decided to stop by Roberto’s one more time before knocking out in the room.

Checking out in the morning sucked. Everyone was either hung over/cranky/still sleeping. By mid morning, we were out the door and our journey continued. Vegas to LA was one of my favorite drives on the trip. Route 15 provided an ever-changing backdrop of valleys, mountains, and perfectly plotted communities. Before 2pm we arrived at Venice Beach for some much needed R&R.

Over the course of the next 3 hours, we went our own ways and soaked in Venice Beach for all it was worth. Mo decided to rent a bike and captured some ill footage through his fish eye. Crazy stuff. I made my way to the infamous basketball courts that continues to play home to the thousands embracing the So Cal lifestyle.

I sat and watched a surprisingly competitive game of 5-on-5. One guy, who I’ll never forget, was rocking a #8 Kobe jersey and a homemade armband composed of bobby pins and brown medical wraps. And the crazy part? The dude was ballin’ out!!!

Damn. 5pm. Time was of the essence and I really didn’t want to leave. The crew was ready to go and we promptly began to discuss dinner plans for the evening. Stout Burger perhaps???

to be continued…

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3 Responses to Land and Sea

  1. Hi guys – since you were one of the first blogs I discovered on my blogging journey I nominated you for the Very Inspiring and the Versatile Blogger awards. Enjoy. :0)

  2. Awesome. Thanks for the nomination!

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