Best of the Best at Mill’s Tavern

I am excited to announce that one of my favorite restaurants, Mill’s Tavern, has recently unveiled a new Spring Anniversary menu! Mill’s Tavern is honoring its 10-year milestone by offering a signature menu full of their favorite dishes from the last decade. I have tasted some amazing dishes at Mill’s throughout the years, so I was anxious to find out what they considered the best of the best.

For our first course, we were served a Beef Tartare over Bulgar Wheat Salad and Cornichon Emulsion with a Sunny Side Up Quail Egg (shown in the main picture above). Chef Edward Bolus informed us that this is a dish that he used to make as a child with his mother and grandmother. My main question is…who makes beef tartare as a child? I used to make ice cream soup and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Probably explains why he turned out to be such a talented chef and I did not. 🙂

Risotto with Duck Confit, Beet Greens, and Mustard Chevre

The risotto was prepared perfectly. I loved the fatty, succulent duck confit which added a richness to the risotto. The beets also added a nice sweetness to the dish.

Kataifi Wrapped Roulade of Sole with Crab, Rock Shrimp, Marscapone, and Lemon Buerre Blanc

This delicious trio of seafood was tightly wrapped in strands of Phyllo dough. The texture was soft yet slightly crunchy. The marscapone was a tasty filling because it provided some creaminess and paired well with the lemon buerre blanc.

Chairman’s Reserve All Natural Soy Brined Center Cut Pork Chop with Roasted Fingerling Potatoes and Truffled Mushrooms over Roasted Apple and Spring Onion Puree

The pork was incredibly moist and flavorful after being brined for 24 hours. I enjoyed all of the earthy ingredients, especially the spring onion puree.

Lavender-Vanilla Panna Cotta with Stewed Bluberries, Honey Sponge Cake and Crisp Meringue

If you have never had dessert at Mill’s Tavern, you are officially missing out. In my opinion, Chef Samantha Del Arroyo is one of the most talented pastry chefs in the state.

I was apprehensive to try this dessert at first when I heard it contained Lavender. I have had some bad experiences with this ingredient in the past. When used too heavily, it can be overpowering, making everything taste like hand soap. However, Chef Samantha used the perfect amount of Lavender and completely changed my perception of this ingredient. It tasted amazing paired with the Vanilla and Stewed Blueberries. This turned out to be one of my favorite desserts I have had anywhere in a long time!


There is no question why this acclaimed restaurant has been setting the bar in culinary excellence over the last decade. In case you missed any of Mill’s Tavern’s most popular dishes over the course of the last ten years, here is your chance to taste them all for yourself!!!

In case you are interested, Mill’s will also be hosting an Special Anniversary Wine Dinner on April 25th. Click here for more information .

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