The Prelude


Rhode Island to San Diego. And from there, who knows? Despite countless hours etching the perfect road trip on sheets of college ruled, we all agreed it would be more of an adventure if we sorta “winged it”.

Our goal was simple. 3 States. 2,500 miles. 6 days. Sounds insane, and truthfully it was. But this moment along with many sprinkled throughout our trip, provided us with enough adrenaline to whiz by conventional thinking. There’s a reason they call it the open road…right?

America's Best Value Inn, San Diego, CA

After a long day of connector flights, airport bagels and uncomfortable 20 minute naps, we arrived in San Diego. The moon was out, the Pacific breeze was blowing, and my iPhone read 70 degrees. Like Eli, we did it.

Grabbing the rental sucked. There was a line out the door and the employees worked at a chess player’s pace. But patience is a virtue, so I remained cool and collective until the keys were in my hand. We booked a motel about 15 minutes from the airport and as we yielded onto Route 5, the thought of  6 grown men bunking in a 2 Queen Non-Smoking room raced across our minds. We were in for a loooong trip.

Amigo's Mexican Restaurant, Barstow, California

The next morning our sights were set on Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. San Diego was a mere pit stop for us, especially because we knew we would be back. In between the 225 drive to Sin City, we visited some family and friends in Barstow, California. Albert’s cousin Tim and his friend Waqas, greeted us with that laid back Barstow hospitality.

While the crew and I began to stretch our legs, Waqas recommended Amigo’s, a local Mexican spot with handmade taco shells and Cinnamon-Rice drinks. Waqas was a guy who appreciated the finer things in food and I didn’t question his choice for lunch. It was time to eat!

Seasoned Beef Tacos w/ Hand-Cut Lettuce and Cheddar Cheese

I played it safe and went with 2 Hard Tacos and a Marinated Pork Taco. I couldn’t tell if it was road lag or starvation but these were some of the best tacos I’ve eaten. The shells were extremely crunchy yet maintained its form throughout. I loved the fact that the lettuce was drenched in cold water, ensuring me that it was hand-washed. Simple Taco. Awesome Taco.

Marinated Pork, Pico de Gallo, Guacamole

This taco was filled to the brim with chunks of marinated pork and healthy scoops of fresh pico de gallo. There was a slight kick to the pork which blended perfectly with the cool, creamy guacamole. I was pretty full after the two beef tacos so I only managed a few bites out of this one.


Over the next hour, we pretty much talked camera equipment and wild Vegas stories inside Amigo’s. Tim and Waqas were extremely down to earth and I’m glad we were able to stay in Barstow for a few and delegate. As the sun reached its highest peak, it was time to continue our journey to Las Vegas.

Along the way we noticed an awesome Vista Point and decided to pull over. A small parking lot led us to an incredible view of the Southwestern landscape. And to think, this was only the beginning…

Red Dead Redemption homiieeesss

*Check back for Part 2 of The Golden State…

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