Rick’s Roadhouse: More than just BBQ

I think it’s pretty safe to say you can count all of the good BBQ joints in Rhode Island on one, maybe two hands. Now, it’s not a knock on the way we dig on swine, but we’re more known for seafood than anything else. Which is why I was pretty excited to give Rick’s Roadhouse a try.

Located on Richmond St. in Providence, Rick’s Roadhouse dishes out authentic BBQ derived from family owned restaurants that make up historic Route 66. Along with their endless array of grilled steaks, ribs, and fixin’s, Rick’s manages to create a relaxing, informal environment to please any party or family. So gather round now ya’ hear!! It’s storytellin’ time!!

Shredded Chicken, Corn, Black Beans, 3-Cheese Blend w/ Avocado-Ranch dipping sauce

Texas Eggrolls ($7.99)

Man, were these good!! The light, crispy handmade shell was home to a mixture of shredded chicken and cheese. It was a great take on an Asian classic. The rolls were a little spicy so I found myself dipping them in the avocado-ranch. The result was a cool, creamy bite. Meant for two but can easily be devoured if you’re really hungry.

Their pulled pork is smoked for over 12 hours to ensure a lean, tender bite

2 Meat Combo Plate ($16.99)

Let me first say this. The portions are HUGE! These combo platters can definitely serve as dinner and then lunch at the office the next day. The ribs were crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. The combination of dry rub and BBQ was a great touch because I basically got the best of both worlds.

Not to be outdone, the sides were just as impressive. Rick’s Coleslaw had a very refreshing taste (made w/o mayonnaise which I didn’t mind at all). Their blue-ribbon cornbread had the right amount of sweetness and paired perfectly with pulled pork. Oh and I can’t forget about the texas toast. Awesome touch and it allows you to make your own BBQ sandwich if you’re pondering.

The first time I’ve ever seen S’Mores on a dessert menu…

Camp Fire S’mores for Two ($4.49/person)

What an awesome idea!! I guess making s’mores isn’t just for camping trips!! This dessert is all about the creating your own personal creation of milk chocolate and gooey marshmallow sandwiched in between two crunchy graham crackers. As you begin to roast your marshmallows over the flames, you’ll notice the familiar aroma of toasted marshmallows fill up the entire dining room. Pretty cool!


I had an unbelieveable time at Rick’s Roadhouse. The food was excellent and the service was top-notch. I am yearning to go back for another round and eager to try out the rest of the menu. And with over 40 menu items under $9.99, you are sure to experience BBQ nirvana without breaking the bank. So gather the children and lock up the livestock, it’s time for Rick’s Roadhouse y’all!!!

Rick's Roadhouse on Urbanspoon

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