New Beginnings for NYLO Warwick

For over a year, NYLO Warwick was closed due to the horrific after effects of the flood of 2010. However, after an impressive renovation, a redesigned outdoor patio, and a completely new menu, NYLO is ready to be one of the most popular hotspots in the Warwick area.

This past week, we were invited to meet with Executive Chef Nicholas Dadona as he unveiled The Loft’s revamped menu right before our eyes. After speaking with Chef Dadona, we immediately noticed his passion and enthusiasm towards the menu which he created from scratch. He mentioned his favorite item on the menu and his road to becoming The Loft’s Chef de Cuisine. We could have easily chatted for hours but he was anxious to serve us some of his signature dishes.

I am a huge fan of freshly prepared guacamole so it was a no brainer to start with the Blue Corn Tortilla Chips served alongside salsa and a house made guacamole (pictured above). After swiping my chips through the mountainous serving of mashed avocados, I was immediately impressed by the overall flavor of the guacamole. Nick and I both agreed this was the perfect way to start dinner.

We noticed these Lobster Wontons on the menu and had to give em’ a try. We were not overly impressed by this appetizer. The crispy wonton shell paired with the chili dipping sauce totally overpowered the minced lobster hidden inside. I tried a few without the sauce and still faintly detected the lobster. This appetizer fell short in comparison to some of the others that we tried.

When we asked our server about their Baked Stuffed Oysters, she sadly informed us that they had just ran out. She then offered a plate of their Tilapia Tacos with slaw as a substitute. Even though our minds (and stomachs) were set on the oysters, we truly appreciated her goodwill and gladly accepted the offer.

These tiny tacos were a great way to get our seafood fix. Chef Dadona threw us a curveball by serving the fish inside a crispy wonton-like taco shell. I loved the contrast of textures, but after one bite, I was left to eat the rest with a fork because it completely fell apart. Maybe a softer shell would have made the tacos easier to eat.

As you can see, we were sitting outside and the sun was setting….FAST. 

After enjoying a trio of delectable appetizers, it was time for our entrees. I played it safe and ordered the NYLO Burger, an 8oz. burger topped with grilled onions, thick cut smoked bacon, jack cheese and garlic aioli. I’m all about burgers and boy, was I in for a treat. The star of the show was the smoked bacon which had plentiful hints of hickory smoke and char grilled goodness.

The burger was served alongside a PILE of hand cut french fries and totally complemented the meal. If you’re craving some comfort food, go with the NYLO Burger, you won’t be disappointed.

Nick was a bit more adventurous and went with Chef Dadona’s favorite entrée on the menu, The Loft’s House-made Overnight Braised Beef Ravioli. The tenderness of the beef was all that Nick needed to fall in love with this dish. But what really drove him crazy (in a good way!) was the incorporation of truffle oil.

The presentation led our taste buds on a tour of very complex, layered flavors throughout the hand crafted pockets of braised beef. Don’t be afraid of the simplicity…trust us, this isn’t your everyday plate of ravioli, oh no, it’s MUCH more than that.

I truly hope NYLO and The Loft regain both the popularity and flare they once had. After tasting their menu and speaking with a forward-thinking Chef like Nicholas Dadona, there’s only one place to go from here and that’s up!

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