Day 2 in Portland – Duckfat Fries and Allagash Brewery

Take a look at the sign above. No false advertising here. They’re right – Life is a hell of a lot tastier at Duckfat in Portland, ME. In case you haven’t already guessed, this modern eatery is known for using one very special ingredient…DUCK FAT!

I’ve heard some AMAZING things about this place, particularly about their Belgian fries. So it was a must stop during my trip to Maine. But the fun didn’t stop there…I ordered a 3-course meal fried in oily duck fat goodness, followed by a memorable trip to Portland’s own Allagash Brewery.

Duckfat fries God’s gift to my stomach

I’m not exaggerating when I say that these fries may be one of the best things I have ever eaten! These local Maine potatoes are saturated in duck fat, creating a crispy exterior for these sinister spuds. Both soft and pillowy on the inside, they have the perfect textural contrast. Each crunchy bite led me closer to the bottom of this cone-shaped cup…and then I died and went to heaven. It was that good.

The Duck Confit Panini was stuffed with Napa Cabbage, Carrot Slaw, and Sweet Chili Sauce. The leg of duck in this sandwich was deliciously rich from being salt cured and then poached in its own fat. A unique twist on a very traditional sandwich, I highly recommend this Panini.

And last but certainly not least, we finished this epic meal with some Duckfat Beignets. These doughnut holes were smothered in powdered sugar. In fact, I probably would have preferred less sugar – or maybe I should have ordered them with cinnamon or chocolate sauce instead. Putting that aside, these beignets were still irresistibly good. Like the fries, they were mind-blowingly crispy on the outside and had a nice, fluffy center.


After gaining about 20 pounds (which was well worth it!), I decided it was time to head to Allagash for a tour of one of my favorite Craft Breweries.

Might not look like much from the outside but Allagash has some of the best beers around!

The Allagash White, their flagship beer, is a Belgian Wit. Very drinkable and flavorful.

FREE tours are given daily for an inside look of the operation. Unfortunately for me though, production does not take place on the weekends so I missed out on the bottling process. You may want to visit the Brewery during the week if you want to get the full experience. Either way, we still got to sample lots of different beers. It was definitely worth the trip!

Not sure what this is…? I guess you never know what you will find on the brewery tour.

A behind the scenes look at the brewing process

If you are ever in Portland, add the Allagash Brewery to your itinerary. This free 45 minute tour is one of the best deals in town. And whether you are a beer drinker or not, I’m sure that you will enjoy it. The tour guide does a great job of keeping it interesting in case you aren’t a beer nerd (like me :))


Well, that concludes our trip to Portland. I hope to return to this foodie town again soon.

Here’s a few random pictures from the rest of our trip. Enjoy!!!

Duck Fat on Urbanspoon

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