Taste Test – Four Roses Bourbon

This is the first post for Front Row Eats’ new Taste Test section. In case the name isn’t self explanatory enough, we will be sampling different products and either recommending them or telling you to save your money for something else.

With the NFL football season starting this week, many of you may be thinking about beer. But not me…I decided to taste test a variety of different bourbons by “Four Roses” instead.

1. Four Roses Yellow Label – 80 Proof (pictured on the left)

I detected hints of pear and apple mixed with the taste of honey and spice. For a bourbon with 80 Proof, it had a soft, mellow finish. I thought it was a bit too weak actually, but for only $17.99 for a 750 ML bottle, it’s a bargain. Best of all, it’s a crowd pleaser too.


2. Four Roses Small Batch – 90 Proof (pictured on the right)

This bourbon had some very interesting characteristics – it was rich and spicy while still tasting slightly sweet and fruity. I also tasted hints of oak and caramel. Even with all of these flavors, it was perfectly balanced. In the end, it had a long, smooth finish and provided a pleasant aftertaste too.

The Small Batch turned out to be my favorite of the trio. At only about $25.99 for a 750 ML bottle, the quality of this bourbon probably deserves a bigger price tag…but I’m not complaining about that!


3. Four Roses Single Barrel – 100 Proof (pictured in the middle)

The Single Barrel is not for beginners. It is a complex, full-bodied bourbon that is full of spice. I could taste some floral characteristics mixed with very subtle cocoa and maple syrup flavors. The 100 proof was intense and I could taste the increase in the alcohol as I made my way from the Yellow Label to the Single Barrel. It provided a long finish in the end.

The Single Barrel turned out to be my least favorite of the three taking the Taste VS. Price ($35.99 for 750 ML) into consideration. However, I must admit, it comes in the best looking bottle. I’m sure it would look great in anyone’s collection.


WINNER = Four Roses Small Batch – 90 Proof ($25.99 for 750 ML)

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