We’ve Got a Bone to Pick with The Barking Crab

If you are a tourist traveling in Southern New England, odds are you have probably been to the place pictured above. Does this flashy tent look familiar? If it does, then The Barking Crab probably lured you into one of their locations in Boston or Newport. It’s no coincidence that these locations were strategically placed in heavy tourist destinations, attracting out-of-towners and charging them a premium for seafood. And when I say premium, I mean absurdly high prices. It’s like highway robbery seafood-style.

Let’s put the prices aside for one moment…and take a look at what we ate. Surprisingly The Barking Crab actually has very tasty sandwiches! It’s true. Let me explain…

First, I have to give our waitress credit because her sales skills reminded me of Ricky Roma in Glengarry Glen Ross. Upon introducing herself, she pointed to the menu and informed us that the fresh lobster platters are what The Barking Crab is known for.

In other words, she pointed to the section on the menu with prices ranging from $54 to an eye-popping $289! Don’t get me wrong, these luscious platters of crustaceans may be all the rave. But keep in mind, we’re sitting at a communal style picnic table in an outdoor circus tent so I refuse to pay that kind of money at this restaurant! Del Frisco’s is right next door for that. Needless to say, Chris and I both opted for some of their signature sandwiches instead ($17-$19).

Nick demonstrates how to conquer this colossal sandwich

I ordered the Fried Whole Bellied Clam Roll, a gargantuan sandwich which was generously packed with deep fried goodness. Served the “New England way” in a classic hot dog bun, these plump, succulent clams were literally overflowing out of the bread. Most of which landed on my plate and were eaten separately but tasted equally delicious.

These briny little fellas are a New England delicacy due to their sweet and bitter flavors, and it’s no wonder why. I could definitely taste the ocean in every bite. Doused in some creamy tartar sauce, it makes for the perfect sandwich in my opinion. Definitely worth ordering!

Chris ordered the Oyster Po Boy (pictured above). This Louisiana inspired submarine uses fresh French style bread and then it’s stuffed with juicy, unctuous oysters. Even though they were deep fried, the oysters still maintained their moisture. They were then topped with a zesty remoulade-like sauce. It was both tangy and spicy, just how they like it in the Bayou.

I have to admit, Chris got the better of me here. I would definitely order his sandwich next time around!

The Barking Crab is a decent place to go to if you are looking to grab a drink or in search of someplace casual. We happened to enjoy their sandwiches, but I would advise against ordering anything else on their menu based on the prices alone.

It’s not the kind of setting where I would be willing to pay big bucks for a meal. At the end of the day, there are definitely better clam shacks in Rhode Island and Massachusetts to score a great meal at a fraction of the cost. So don’t be duped into emptying your bank account at The Barking Crab. Go somewhere else instead.

Barking Crab on Urbanspoon

Barking Crab on Urbanspoon

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