An Unforgettable Night at Mohegan Sun

Mohegan Sun is the ultimate destination for all of your fun-filled needs and personally, it’s one of my favorite places to go! This Indian casino is the epicenter of all things entertaining. Whether you are looking to go shopping, hit the tables, enjoy a nice dinner, or attend a concert or a sporting event, Mohegan Sun is truly a “world at play”.

On this night, I had some tickets to a Michael Buble concert, mainly as a gift for my fiancé.  The concert was held in the Mohegan Sun Arena which comfortably seats over 10,000 people!

But first, we needed to grab some dinner. Luckily, Mohegan Sun features not ONE, but TWO of Bobby Flay’s restaurants! We quickly chose Bar Americain, a long-time favorite of Front Row Eats.

Trio of Shellfish Cocktails

Oh yes, now this is how you start off a meal! This tasty trio consisted of Shrimp-Tomatillo, Crab-Coconut, and Lobster-Avocado. This heavenly combination is like the raw bar version of the Holy Trinity.

(1) The shrimp were plump and succulent and tasted great dunked in the sweet and spicy tomatillo sauce. This turned out to be my favorite of the three!

(2) The true essence of the crab was highlighted, but the flavor of the coconut was missing. Not necessarily a bad thing though because I usually prefer crab in its unadulterated form.

(3) The lobster may have been my least favorite of the three. It tasted like they used some citrus, perhaps some lime, zested on the lobster. I felt like this overpowered the overall flavor. The avocado was a tasty addition though because it served as a substitute for butter for the lobster.

Red Pepper Crab Cake with Red Cabbage Slaw and Green Onion Vinaigrette

Now this is a beautiful presentation! The vibrant colors literally popped off the dish and had me eating with my eyes. This colorful work of art looked like Vincent Van Gogh’s version of a crab cake.

And it tasted as good as it looked. The red pepper provided some subtle spice at the end of the bite, adding some depth to the crab cake. Signature Bobby Flay flavors were jam-packed into this tasty appetizer. I just wish it was a bit bigger so I could have savored all of the flavors even longer.

Duck with Dirty Wild Rice, Pecans,and Bourbon

I ordered the duck because our server informed us it was his favorite dish on the menu. I took a leap of faith…and boy, did it pay off!  As you can see in the picture above, the duck was cooked perfectly. The oak and molasses flavors from the bourbon paired perfectly with the nuttiness of the pecans. I can totally understand why this is such a popular item on their menu and like my server, I would also recommend it!

Grouper - Florida Style

Well, I’m never a big fan of pools of brown liquid on a dish. I always tend to find them unappetizing. However, once I was able to get past the presentation, I was pleasantly surprised by the overall taste. The fish was plantain crusted and served over a black bean puree, creme fraiche, and topped with a mango salsa.

I was anxious to order the Grouper because you rarely find it on any menus in New England. It is one of my favorite fishes because it is not too fatty or oily, and it maintains a firm texture. The plantain crust gave a slight crunch and the mango salsa on top provided some nice freshness. Minus the black bean puree, this dish was perfect.

Bourbon Praline Profiteroles with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

These mouthwatering puffs of pastry were to die for. They were stuffed with a smooth, silky Vanilla Bean ice cream and drizzled in a Bourbon Pecan sauce. This indulgent dessert provided a great hot/cold contrast with the ice cream sandwiched between two warm pastries. All I can say is you need to taste them for yourself. By far, one of my favorite desserts anywhere!

Blackberry Souffle

I had to order the souffle, I couldn’t resist! This is not often found on many dessert menus because it is extremely temperamental and is possibly the most technically challenging dessert to make.

When the souffle arrived, our server poured blackberry syrup and whipped cream in the center. My biggest complaint is that the additions made the dessert too soggy. Souffle is already gooey in the middle and the outside should always be firm. However, the warm syrup poured in the center made the souffle collapse, resulting in a mushy consistency in every bite. Although the sweet and tart flavors from the blackberry were delicious, I still needed some textural contrast to make it a more well-rounded souffle.


After nearly succumbing to a food coma, it was time for the concert. I had never seen Michael Buble perform live and little did I know what I was in for. It was an awesome experience. There were fireworks, confetti, an entire orchestra, and an onslaught of screaming Michael Buble fans. Sheer pandemonium.

Here are a few pictures from the concert. What an unforgettable night!

– Nick B.

Bar Americain on Urbanspoon

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