Adventures in Beer at Doherty’s Pub

Nestled between office buildings and less than 2 miles away from McCoy Stadium, Doherty’s Pub on East Avenue in Pawtucket is quite simply, a diamond in the rough. If you are a beer lover and you have never been to Doherty’s…what are you waiting for?!!! You need to head down to this Irish Pub pronto!  With over 160 beers to choose from (82  drafts/80 bottles), Doherty’s offers an unparalleled selection of microbrews.

And let’s not forget an extensive menu filled with traditional bar food and hand-crafted sandwiches and wraps. So it was a no-brainer for the Front Row Eats team to check out this one of a kind pub.

Grab a 4-pack sampler and choose from their ENORMOUS list of draft beers

We spent nearly 10 minutes looking over their seemingly endless lineup of seasonal, imported, and craft beers. Eventually both of us opted for some 4-pack samplers. It’s a great option if you are unable to make up your mind due to their overwhelmingly large selection of beers.

Doherty’s even offers some unique “fusion beers” which they mix in a half-and-half form. We ordered the Chocolate Raspberry (pictured above) which is half Murphy’s Double Chocolate Stout and half Lindeman’s Framboise. If you have ever had Lindeman’s Framboise, you know that it is a very tart and pungent fruit lambic that does not taste like beer whatsoever. Mixed with the Chocolate Stout, the raspberry flavor was still too robust for our liking and overpowered the overall taste. We would be curious to try some other fusions though.

Narrowing over 160 beers down to 4 is hard work!!!

Rather than bore you with all of the beers we tasted, we decided to tell you our favorites instead….drumroll please….and the winners – Allagash White and Allagash Black. Next time we go to Doherty’s, no need for sample racks, we will just order some Allagash in a nice, cold pint glass!

It’s all about the Allagash Baby!!

We did some eating too….so here are some highlights of Doherty’s award-winning menu.


We paired our flights of beer with an order of Irish Skins, one of their many signature appetizers.  Hollowed potatoes were topped with melted Swiss cheese and thinly shaved corned beef. In the middle of the dish was a side of Russian Dressing which complemented the skins to perfection.

A small order (5 skins) wasn’t enough for the two of us because we were longing for more. The corned beef was packed with flavor and wasn’t loaded with salt. We would have liked a bit more corned beef but that’s just a testament to how good it tasted.

“The Eastsider” served alongside Rosemary Potato Wedges

This sandwich was packed with rare roast beef, roasted red peppers, cheddar cheese, and smothered in a creamy horseradish sauce. Oh yes, and did we mention that it was served on ciabatta bread? Just about anything served on ciabatta bread tastes good, seriously. Give us some chopped liver and brussel sprouts, it doesn’t matter, it will probably taste amazing on some ciabatta!

The tender, rare roast beef was the highlight of this hand-held taste of heaven. The creamy horseradish was surprisingly mellow and didn’t overpower the other flavors. We would definitely order this sandwich again. And the best part is it was a bargain for only $8.99!

Pulled Pork Sandwich braised in Guiness w/ a House-made BBQ Sauce

Can’t ask for more with this sandwich. Perfectly tender, and oozing with juices and a smokey BBQ sauce. The menu states the pulled pork is braised in spices and Guinness beer, although we had a very difficult time tasting it.  French fries were of the frozen variety but they were incredibly crispy. Doherty’s triumphs once again by keeping this sandwich under $8.

You gotta love places like Doherty’s. Instead of distracting you with the bells and whistles of most restaurants and pubs, they simply focus their attention on what matters most. When you’re driving around Pawtucket, make sure to look for their huge sign atop the entrance. It’s really the only way to know you’re in the right place. Cheers!

-Front Row Eats

Dohertys East Ave Irish Pub on Urbanspoon

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