American Craft Beer Fest 2011

Thousands of people were in attendance at the American Craft Beer Fest in Boston last week, the largest celebration of American Beer on the East Coast. This epic three hour event featured over 100 brewers and over 500 beers! Attendees were able to use a 2 oz. cup to sample as many beers as they wanted (while drinking responsibly of course). As you can imagine, it was a great time!

If you go to a bar and frequently order a Miller Lite or Coors Lite (or any other beer in which the main ingredient is water), the concept of Craft Beer might be foreign to you. But we urge you to give them a try. You may be pleasantly surprised by the taste. With over 1,700 Craft Breweries in the US, and the total rising exponentially year to year, you are sure to find the perfect beer to fit your liking. Whether you are a rookie or a beer connoisseur, the American Craft Beer Fest is the perfect place to explore many different styles of beer. And that’s exactly what we did as documented in the video above. Until next year’s event…


-Front Row Eats

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