Chowing Down in Chinatown: My Trip to Philadelphia Part 2

Waking up from a night of Captain Morgan is no fun. You know what else isn’t fun?Torrential downpours with occasional 30 mph winds. Talk about crazy weather. The night before we went head on with below freezing temperatures and the following morning we were greeted by rain, rain and more rain.

After settling for stale toast and cranberry juice concentrate from the free breakfast, we decided to venture out into the storm. Unbeknownst to us, the Chinatown section of Downtown Philadelphia was minutes from the hotel. After speaking to a few people, we were steered into the direction of a very popular restaurant, Vietnam on North 11th St.

Com Tam Bo Nuong ~ Lemongrass Beef over Rice

Despite walking under as many awnings as we could find, we entered Vietnam completely SOAKED. But the place was packed, so I thought to myself, it MUST be good. The menu looked amazing as it contained a wide array of Vietnamese inspired dishes.

Albert went with Charred-grilled beef with lemongrass and steamed rice. I was able to snag a few strips of beef and was very pleased. There was a slight smokiness to the strips and each piece was tender and not the least bit dry.

Vit Chien ~ Crispy Duck Legs w/ Five Spice

I never had duck before so I figured this was the time and place. For only $12.50 I was presented with two large duck legs which were pan-seared and paired with a bowl of Jasmine rice. When I finished my plate, I was longing for more. I never knew duck could be so tasty. The meat was very fatty and moist and the crispy skin was a nice touch.

Closer look of the giant chunks of Crispy Duck

You can’t see it but the crispy duck came with a Chili Pineapple Dipping Sauce (pictured above in the white ramekin). All I can say is WOW. It was the ultimate sweet and spicy sauce. When I finished my duck, I proceeded to pour the remains of the sauce onto the rice and vegetables that were left on my plate.

This place was a nice surprise. The prices were fair and the food was amazing. For anyone with plans on visiting Philadelphia, please make sure you check out Vietnam.

With our tummies full, we explored the rest of Chinatown . Luckily the rain had dwindled down making the adventure a bit more enjoyable.

Albert discovered this small Chinese bakery while walking though the city

Before we knew, it was around 4pm and we were started to get hungry….again :). Instead of opting for an early dinner, we decided on a mid-day snack to fulfil our hunger pains.

Albert told me about this popular snack that’s like a Chinese Hot Pocket (but it isn’t frozen nor will it give off radiation). And wouldn’t you know this small bakery had plenty of em’!

These babies were delicious! Potent Portables stuffed with roasted pork and a mixture of spices and onions. And at only 85 cents how could you go wrong?!?! We picked up at half-dozen and these Banh Bao’s lasted us all of 5 minutes…lol.

Check out the video below for more on these Roasted Pork Buns and all that Philadelphia offered during our time there. Enjoy!!!

Price: $$
Service: 8/10
Quality: 7/10
Taste: 8/10

-Chris P.

Vietnam on Urbanspoon

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