Mmmm….That Is a Tasty Burger!!!

For the past four years, I’ve made my way to Boston in search of sneakers on the cheap and good eats. Bodega is one of my favorite boutiques and their annual sale never disappoints. I didn’t find any kicks this time around but I managed to snag a few Hundreds tees.

While driving on Boylston, my friend Albert of BLVN and I spotted a  small red and white building with a “Tasty Burger” sign above its doors. We were starving and intrigued at the same time. So without hesitation we banged a left into the parking lot and made our way towards the entrance.

Early bird gets the worm, especially during Bodega’s Annual Sale!!

I channeled my inner Jules Winnfield and ordered the Big Kahuna Burger. I love pineapples (especially grilled) and the addition of a house made Teriyaki sauce sealed the deal.  The fresh ground patties were HUGE and looking back I could have easily settled for a single, but then again, I’m a Bad Mother F***er!

Big Kahuna Burger w/ French Fries: Cornerstone of any nutritional breakfast

The pineapple rings were a bit thin but were perfect compliments to the rest of the burger. Next time I might just have to ask for extra on the side!   Fries were of the frozen variety, but we still crispy and delicious. I caught myself many times dipping the fries into the excess Teriyaki sauce.

I would avoid their milkshakes. Albert eagerly awaited his “4 Scoop Black & White” and was presented with a large cup of chocolate ice cream. It looked and tasted like a Frosty. Nothing special here.

Tasty Burger is right across the street from Fenway so it’s a good spot to enjoy a burger before the ballgame. Although they supposedly make fresh ground burgers, each patty tasted as if it hit the grill frozen. Not sure if I’ll go back but then again who really wants to pay $8 for some stale nachos at a Sox game??

(2.5 Jules out of 5)

Price: $
Service: 8/10
Quality: 6/10
Taste: 7/10

-Chris P.

Tasty Burger on Urbanspoon

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