Corned Beef and….Eggs Benedict?!?!

TGIF!!!! First and foremost, I hope everyone had a fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day. Early yesterday morning, I reached for my MacBook and still half-asleep, started to scroll through my news feed. About 10 friends in, I began to notice a trend. The talks of Irish Car Bombs, Guinness Drafts, and “Kiss Me, I’m Irish!” messages quickly flooded my Facebook.

This got me thinking…”Why not try something different this year?”. So, I traded my shot glasses for some utensils and headed over to one of my favorite breakfast spots, OV’s Restaurant in Providence.

A graduate of The Culinary School at Johnson and Wales University, “OV” is Head Chef and owner of this “hole in the wall” food haven. Prices are dirt cheap and they specialize in America’s comfort foods. From French Toast and Grits to Beer Battered Fish and Chips, Ov’s is the perfect place to fill up your empty stomach.

Coincidentally, Nick mentioned this idea of Eggs Benedict with an Irish twist and I couldn’t get it out of my head. As I took my seat, I was approached by “OV” himself. We chit-chatted for a few minutes before delving into the much-celebrated holiday. I told him about the idea for a “St. Patrick’s Day Eggs Benedict” and surprisingly, he was all for it!! He immediately ran back into the kitchen and started working on a soon to be masterpiece.

And here we have Eggs Benedict w/ Corned Beef and Sauerkraut. Instead of english muffins, I opted for toasted rye which provided hints of spice and pepper in each crunchy bite. Atop the foundation of rye were two perfectly poached eggs which were bathed in a creamy Thousand Island Hollandaise. Crispy chunks of corned beef, griddled sauerkraut and home fries  rounded out this amazing breakfast.

This was the first time I had corned beef and I became an instant fan. The cured morsels of beef were simply mouth-watering. The combination of runny yolk and the Thousand Island Hollandaise was amazing. I kept catching myself dipping the rye toast into the silky mixture. And surprisingly, all of the flavors and textures worked with one another in perfect harmony.  As you can see below, I didn’t leave much….

It was kind of cool that “OV” was able to create this custom breakfast on the spot. That shows you the type of person he is. No matter how busy or dead the place is, you will always see him walk around to the dining area and strike up a conversation with truck drivers, police officers, and college students with killer hangovers. We’re all consumers, but we’re people too, and that’s what it’s all about at OV’s!!

-Chris P.

Ov's on Urbanspoon

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