Say Cheese! Sicilia’s and their Famous Stuffed Pizza

Forget about Michael Jordan’s career, Barack Obama’s Senate term, the 1985 Bears and the Super Bowl shuffle, the best thing to come out of Chicago is undoubtedly and indisputably…the DEEP DISH PIZZA! Straying away from its traditional Italian roots, deep dish pizza consists of a thick, buttery crust and layers upon layers of toppings. If you have never had a Deep Dish pizza, do your taste buds a favor and book a flight to the Windy City pronto. If you don’t feel like traveling 1,000 miles to Chi-Town, hop in your car and take a ride to Sicilia’s Pizzeria for the best deep dish pizza Rhode Island has to offer.

Sicilia’s has 3 locations: Commonwealth Ave in Boston, Federal Hill in Providence, and Mineral Spring Ave in North Providence. A group of friends and I recently gathered together and visited Sicilia’s in North Providence which happens to be their newest eatery.  I don’t think many people even realize it’s the sister location to their famous restaurant on Federal Hill. In fact, the North Providence location is not even listed on their website! Maybe this explains why the dining room was so empty. It felt more like a library than a pizzeria as 10 of us exchanged whispers across the table (my only complaint).

Let’s talk about what really matters – the pizza! Sicilia’s makes their ingredients fresh every morning. Their superior quality and preparation separates them from other pizza parlors with lower standards.  You can taste the quality of the ingredients in Sicilia’s pizza in every bite. As with most great food, you can’t rush the time it needs to cook. Sicilia’s is no different. Their stuffed deep dish pizza takes approximately 40 minutes in the oven. In case you’re ordering takeout and want to leave in a hurry, they do offer a half-cooked option in which the pizza stays in the oven for 20 minutes. You can then take it home and put it in your oven for another 20 minutes which ensures that the pizza will be super hot!

We ordered two large meat lovers stuffed pizzas. The menu states that their large pizza feeds 4-5 people. I was a bit wary of this considering we were 10 ravenous guys with insatiable appetites, but I hate to admit, the menu was right! I, personally, could only finish 2 slices which were dense and heavy in a delicious sort of way.  It was like ½ pie and ½ pizza. The crust of the pizza actually tasted like pie crust. The dough was firm (but not hard) and it did not flop over when I picked up which I think is a remarkable achievement given the weight of the pizza. The tomato sauce was well-seasoned and it provided hints of sweetness in every bite. Last but certainly not least, the pizza was stuffed with spicy Sausage, Pepperoni,  crispy Bacon bits, and Beef. This combination of meat cured all of our carnivorous cravings and truly brought the pizza to a whole new level!

I can speak on behalf of all of my friends and say that we will definitely be ordering from Sicilia’s again. If you are a pizza lover like me, you have to give it a try. Their deep dish will change your perspective on thin crust pizza forever, trust me!

(4 Pies out 5)

Price: $$
Service: 8/10
Quality: 8/10
Taste: 8/10

-Nick B.

Sicilia's Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

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3 Responses to Say Cheese! Sicilia’s and their Famous Stuffed Pizza

  1. Nice write up and great pictures! I’m from Chicago, and if I didn’t know better, I’d swear that Sicilia’s STOLE the recipe for Chicago Stuffed pizza straight from Giordano’s!! It’s that good and that authentic. Take care!

  2. Thanks Burt! I actually just had Siclia’s again last weekend. I can’t resist. It’s definitely the closest thing to Chiacgo’s deep dish in Rhode Island.

  3. I thought I’d try deep dish pizza. I did not like it. To me it is mushy and the crust is strangely pie like, not the chewy doughy kind I like. It is very dense and filling, like lasagna, fresh tasting ingredients and good sauce but I’ll stick to more traditional pizza, I prefer Brooklyn Style or a nice wood grilled one. I think you will like this better if you don’t expect to get a normal pizza. I would not order it again. I would probably try their regular pizza, as the ingredients do seem to be good quality.

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