Burgers til’ the Cows Come Home: Harry’s Bar and Burger

Here at Front Row Eats we are pretty obsessed with food and the world around it.  But there’s one thing we just can’t get enough of, and that’s….wait for it….wait for it….burgers!!! I recently stumbled upon my soon-to-be favorite burger spot about a month ago. It’s nestled right in the heart of Downtown Providence and ironically many have never heard of it.  Well then, let me introduce you to my great friend, Harry.

Harry’s Bar and Burger is a small, cozy restaurant located on North Main Street.  It is sandwiched in between the likes of Cafe’ Noir and Fatbelly’s so it’s common for people to drive right past this hidden gem.  But Harry is no slouch.  He strategically placed a life-sized cow directly in front of his establishment to attract confused pedestrians and hungry folks alike!!

One thing you will notice immediately is Harry’s commitment towards fresh ingredients and fair prices. All of the burgers are made from hand-pressed pure Hereford beef and piled high with a slew of fresh toppings such as pastrami, Portobello mushrooms, chili, and onion strings.  Along with over 10 specialty burgers, Harry’s also serves fresh chicken breasts burgers, Nathan’s Hot Dogs, and made-to-order Buffalo Wings.

Now when I say fair prices, I’M TALKING ABOUT $3 FOR BURGERS! Now there’s a catch, you must stop in between the hours of 3pm-5pm for “Happy Hour”(every burger on the menu is 1/2 off).  Even if you can’t squeeze in a few moments of Harry’s during Happy Hour, the menu is incredibly affordable.

My personal favorite is the Double Wide (pictured above), which consists of double meat, double cheese, pickles, lettuce (need to get my veggies somewhere), and Harry’s Burger Sauce all on a grilled Potato Roll.  The simplicity of the burger is reason enough to order it.  The taste and texture of the juicy Hereford beef is more steak than burger.  During Happy Hour this stallion of a slider is ONLY $3.35!!!

Other “must-haves” include the Pastrami Burger which is stacked with layer upon layer of sliced Pastrami.  It is a wonderful combination of meat because the pure saltiness and flavor of the pastrami blends effortlessly with the burger.  Then there is the “MOAB” (Mother Of All Burgers).  I think this burger was crafted for the person who never knows what to put on a burger. At Harry’s they eliminate the guesswork and put everything on for you!  The mouth-watering sliders are topped with Mushrooms, Bacon, Land O’ Lakes American Cheese, and haystack worth of Fried Onion Strings.  There are many more delectable creations, so take a second and check out their entire menu.

But wait, there’s more.  Harry’s is also home to possibly the best dessert on Earth. Simply titled “Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich”, this tasty treat is constructed by filling 2 HUGE homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies with scoops of cool, creamy Vanilla Ice Cream. How much you ask?  How about $1.99 for HEAVEN ON EARTH SON!!!! Sad thing is, my friend Jon mentioned I could write a whole article on the cookie sandwich, and he’s right! It’s that good, trust! (photo courtesy of Dennis Isom)

Look at me, close to 8 paragraphs in and I haven’t even talked about their extensive craft beer selection that spans the globe (DAS BOOT!)  Well, I guess we’ll save that for another time….and as I write this, the clock is approaching 3pm….y’all know what that means!! 🙂

(4 Cows out of 5)

Price: $
Service: 7/10
Quality: 8/10
Taste: 9/10

Chris P.

Harry's Bar and Burger on Urbanspoon

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