Bobby’s Burger Palace: Not your Ordinary Burgers and Fries…..

The 4 Cheese Burger (American, Swiss, Cheddar and Goat Cheese) topped with two slices of perfectly crisp, cured bacon is a treasure buried deep in the coves of Bobby’s Burger Palace. There’s a certain lure about this burger.  It’s a rare breed in the realm of burgers, fries, and shakes.  What makes it so rare?  Well, for one thing, it’s only available 1 month out of the year.

I know what you’re thinking. What makes this sandwich of meat and cheese so special?  Is the burger crusted with gold flakes?  Is the cheese sliced by world-renowned chefs? No and no.  In fact this burger costs less than $8.  The mystique that surrounds this burger is this; The 4 Cheese Burger is a member of the “Burger of the Month” lineup at Bobby’s Burger Palace at Mohegan Sun.

Each month, Bobby Flay releases a new addition to the BOTM club (Burger of the Month club). It’s an excellent idea and marketing strategy because it keeps bringing you back for more.  It’s sorta like being a member of Oprah’s Book Club, but without Oprah, oh yeah and without the books too.

Pictured above is the current BOTM. The Louisiana Burger consists of a thick, spice crusted, certified Angus beef patty topped with Griddled Tasso ham, Pepper Jack cheese, Hot sauce, and a spicy Remoulade drizzle.  As you can tell they definitely love their spices down on the bayou and the Louisiana Burger proves it.  The addition of the Tasso Ham launches this burgers into the outer space of taste.  Surprisingly, the burger isn’t hot to the point where a tall glass of milk is on standby.  The intensity of the heat blends perfectly with the Pepper Jack cheese giving it a nice kick.  The remoulade and hot sauce seep through the inner linings of the soft hamburger bun enhancing the overall flavor of the burger.

The Louisiana has a special place in my heart because it was the first burger I ever had at BBP.  Most recently, I reunited with my long-lost Louisiana.  I attended a boxing event and made sure to stop by and enjoy one of my all-time favorite burgers.

Bobby’s Burger Palace is also home to 10 signature burgers created by Bobby Flay himself as well as a variety of fries, shakes, and margaritas (I’m a sucker for Sweet Potato Fries). The Dallas Burger (above) is another favorite of Front Row Eats.  This burger is also spice crusted, but it is piled high with Monterey Jack Cheese, BBQ sauce, pickles, and a mound of coleslaw.  The cool, creamy texture of the coleslaw merges effortlessly with the smokiness of the BBQ sauce and Jack cheese.  If you are a first-timer at BBP, I strongly recommend the Dallas.  You go on now ya’ hear!!

Well, partner looks like this rodeo is about over (Sorry, still in Dallas mode).  If you are ever strolling the halls of Mohegan Sun, avoid the long lines of Johnny Rockets and head over to BBP and enjoy one of the best burger you will ever have.

(5 Bobby Flays out of 5)

Bonus: Check out Bobby Flay and a quick tour of BBP!!

Price: $
Service: 9/10
Quality: 9/10
Taste: 10/10

-Chris P.

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