Bar Americain at Mohegan Sun: Fun and FLAY-vorfull!!!

It has been over one year since the Grand Opening of Bar Americain at Mohegan Sun and I don’t know how I managed to contain myself for so long. Ever since rumors started circulating that Bobby Flay was planning to open a restaurant in Connecticut, only 50 miles from Providence, I knew I had to go. I’ve dined at two of Flay’s other restaurants – Mesa Grill in Las Vegas and Bobby’s Burger Palace also in Mohegan Sun – and I was blown away by both.  In order to score the Bobby Flay trifecta, I added Bar Americain to my culinary bucket list and ironically enough, the meal was to die for.

Our meal began with a basket of assorted bread, including “corn sticks”. Yes, corn sticks, which I must admit have a horrible name and do it no justice when blogging, but the truth of the matter is they were outstanding! The sticks were made of corn bread and loaded with black pepper which gave them a sweet and hot contrast which just so happens to be Flay’s signature technique. The corn sticks were extremely addictive, but lucky for me, they must have come in a bottomless basket because the waiter kept bringing more and more and more. After I had enough carbohydrates to last me 50 days in a post-apocalyptic world, I decided it was time to proceed to the main course.

I ordered the Porterhouse Lamb Chops topped with a Cranberry, Fig & Pinot Chutney served alongside Sweet Potato Gratin. The only negative is that my lamb chops were slightly, and I mean just slightly overcooked for my liking. However, the Cranberry, Fig & Pinot Chutney was able to keep the lamb savory and moist. The chutney was complex and had lots of depth – it was sweet, sour, bitter and tangy. It was perfectly balanced even with all of these characteristics.

My fiancé ordered Buttermilk Fried Chicken covered in a Honey, Pink Peppercorn, Lime-sauce with a side of Black Pepper and Green Chile’ Biscuits (as shown in main picture at top of page). I have to admit, this dish changed my ENTIRE perception of fried chicken. Most of the fried chicken that I have tried were greasy, overcooked and dry. However, Bar Americain masterfully transformed this finger food into an elegant dish. Their interpretation is incredibly juicy and succulent. The honey, pink peppercorn, lime-sauce was delicious enough to eat with a spoon. The acidity from the lime and the slight kick from the pink peppercorns cut the sweetness of the honey which gave the sauce great balance. They also managed to give their fried chicken a batter so crunchy that it would put Colonel Sanders to shame.

I was extremely satisfied with my experience at Bar Americain. Being one of Bobby Flay’s restaurants, I expected bold flavors – and he definitely delivered! If you enjoy American food with a Southwestern twist, I would strongly recommend Bar Americain at Mohegan Sun.

(4.5 Bobby Flays out of 5)

Price: $$$$
Service: 7/10
Quality: 9/10
Taste: 9/10

-Nick B.

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3 Responses to Bar Americain at Mohegan Sun: Fun and FLAY-vorfull!!!

  1. Luis Crusdale says:

    OMG can someone else post their food experiences instead of this egotistical sap of a human being. You are a disgrace to any man that watches football….heck, even bowlers would spit in your eye right now. Like we need you to tell us Bobby Flay commissions good food. You sound like James Lipton with an appetite. How’s about you stick to what you know(which is probably nothing) and go back to calling people fat on a website you created about FOOD. Journalism at its worst it’s sad the internet gave so many simians a voice.

  2. Daren says:

    Thoughtful critique, compelling and rich.

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