Brewing Up Some MAGIC at the TD Garden

Exactly 2 weeks ago, we as a nation celebrated the life and achievements of one of the most influential people the world has ever seen; Martin Luther King Jr.  January 17th, 2011 was a day to honor, reflect, and appreciate all that MLK Jr. had accomplished for civil rights and humanity.  It was also a day to enjoy one of the biggest rivalries in the NBA today; Celtics vs. Magic!!

For those of you who checked out the “About Us” page, y’all should know I despise the Patriots, Celtics, and Red Sox.  However, I am a HUGE fan of the city of Boston.  Sounds hypocritical, but let me explain.  For the past six years I have taken countless trains and car rides to the heart of Downtown Boston.  Beantown offers just as much as the Big Apple and then some (45 minute drive and it doesn’t smell like a baby’s diaper).  It’s like taking a mini-vacation without packing your bags or clearing your schedule.  Ok, enough, this whole affection towards Boston is making me sick.

Fresh off the MBTA Railway, my nephew (also a Magic fan) and I hopped on the Subway towards North Station.  Our first stop was Boston Beer Works.  Fellow blogger Nick B. recommended this one of a kind restaurant/bar/micro-brewery.

This place was simply wicked awesome!  Over 25 Flat-Screen TV’s, 8 pool tables, 3 bars, 2 floors, and 1 micro-brewery.  Yes, they actually brew and bottle their OWN beer in house.  By far, I think that was the kicker.  Pictured above was my order.  A cup of their Boston Clam Chowder and a frosty glass of Bunker Hill Blueberry Ale.  The chowdah’ was off the hook.  It was chock-full of clams, potatoes and bacon.  This was the first time I had bacon in clam chowder but it was an interesting, yet tasty addition.  The smokey flavor of the bacon paired perfectly with the soft, airy potato chunks.  I also enjoyed the creamy broth as each spoonful was complimented with hints of onion, celery and fresh cracked pepper. But the star of the show was the Blueberry Ale.  It was very crisp and the presence of fresh Maine blueberries only increased its appeal.

With our stomachs pleased, our next destination was the TD Garden to watch our Orlando Magic DESTROY the Boston Celtics (too bad it didn’t end the way we wanted it to 😦 ).  From the moment we sat in our seats and enjoyed shoot around, the arena was filled with a playoff-like atmosphere.  The entire game was a see-saw battle.  There were nearly 20 lead changes during the game and each quarter seemed to be a game within the game.  As the 4th quarter began the score was fittingly tied, 81-81.  Every bucket, dunk, and three pointer were met by the roars and yells of the Boston crowd.  In contrast, when Dwight Howard soared  above the rim, you would hear the cheers of about 6 Magic fans (including us).  It was fun nevertheless.

Unfortunately, the Magic couldn’t muster enough wizardry to spoil the night of Celtics fans across the world.  Final score was 109-106 and there was a pit in my stomach from exiting the arena to the moment we stepped onto the Red-Eye train back to Providence.  Looking back it was an amazing day full of cheers, jeers, and beers. And I can’t wait to do it again.

(Top photo courtesy of: Getty Images)

-Chris P.

Boston Beer Works on Urbanspoon

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3 Responses to Brewing Up Some MAGIC at the TD Garden

  1. JimmyHattz says:

    Muck the FAGIC!

  2. Don’t hate on my team. They have been extremely inconsistent of late, but they will play as one when the playoffs arrive….

  3. Luis Crusdale says:

    Now can you explain to me what this has to do with food other than your sidenote talking about Boston Beer Works? FrontRowSeats sounds more like it with this biased sports commentary. Big Magic fan goin to see them get whooped at The Garden you must be real proud of yourself. BTW how many different drafts did they have at the Beer Works I was thinking of stopping thru there.

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