133 Responses to Wendy is…..FAT?!?!

  1. JimmyHattz says:

    Great write up Nick, The advertising team for Wendy’s should be fired, Perception is everything and Wendy doesn’t encourage me to eat at Wendy’s.

    • The Goob says:

      dave was fat too… so is grimmace….shes not fat, she’s chubby. she can be perfectly healthy at that weight

      • No, she’s fat! There’s nothing perfect about her health either. STUPID marketing decision to use FAT Wendy, end of story!

      • You fat whale. :3 says:

        Lemme guess “The Goob”…

        I bet you a fat whale of a hambeast in denial?

      • That picture was from over a year ago. Just saw a new commercial with her in it and lets just say she’s closer to a Richard Simmons rescue than she ever was.

      • Jim says:

        First you agree she’s fat because you said Dave was fat too. Then, in the same sentence, you say she’s not fat, she’s chubby. People like you are the reason so many people ARE fat. Because you brush the problem under the carpet. Chubby? Wow, you are so off base. This is nothing against Wendy, but the reality is she is obese. People have gotten accustom to people this large and don’t get that, at that weight, you are clinically obese and no, you are NOT healthy at that weight. Nobody is. Stop enabling kids to eat what you probably eat. Stop telling your children that it is okay to be this large. You, my Goob, like many others, need to live in the real. Wendy should NOT represent Wendy’s in a time where we’re struggling to teach the world to eat better. I’m no hypocrite either. I eat my share of fast-food. That’s not the point. The point is to be realistic and sensible.

      • }ames says:

        People like you are the reason americans so overweight. There is nothing good about her weight. She is fat and should lose weight period. We are the laughing stock of the world!!!

  2. Luis Crusdale says:

    And who are you to criticize her weight in comparison to anything Wendy’s she is probably worth more thank you will ever be in five lifetimes. You think someone with a revenue as big as her’s is eating Wendys? Get real buddy find something worth publishing on the ‘net next time instead of exploiting your envy.

    • seat21d says:

      He didn’t say fat people couldn’t be rich.

    • Herky says:

      Guessing you’re in the same dress size as Wendy.

    • hurdur says:

      So wait…your argument is that it’s okay for big fat wendy to be in Wendy’s commercials because she’s rich?
      And seriously, kudos to inheriting a fortune. That takes some talent.

      • Jessie says:

        Maybe she should be in the commercials because she’s the founder’s daughter. I’m sorry but I think it makes more sense to have the daughter of the founder on the commercials than some skinny beanpole of a person. Their slogan may be “real” but let’s get real here. not everybody is tiny. and Having someone who’s not skinny talking about real ingrediants in their food isn’t a bad thing. Just because she’s on the larger side doesn’t mean she’s wrong to talk about “real ingredients in real food” I think making that comparison is demeaning and illogical.

      • Stir Fry says:

        Oh come on, there is a big difference between skinny and this Wendy blimp.

    • Mattycombs says:

      Yeah, get the stick out of your butt, Luis.

    • Luis, your head must be so fat it’s suffocating your puny brain. Your argument is idiotic!

      • Jessie says:

        and you’re entire point is illogical. I’m sick of everybody making a big deal over weight and size. the Reality is, people come in all shapes and sizes and it shouldn’t be as big of a deal as your making it.

      • Bran says:

        no jessie people don’t COME in all shapes and sizes.. they work out and eat themselves into all shapes and sizes

    • MiaBeeks@gmail.com says:

      You are an evil little person and i am not an over weight person but you are evil! Wendy looks good. People eat unhealthy at home too. I would love to meet you. So i can say how i feel about your comment to your face evil little man.

  3. JimmyHattz says:

    @Luis, Its not the point what the writer will be in comparison to Wendy, It is a terrible commercial, Being that she is the owner she has the power to star in her own commercial, she’s fat and the commercial sucks…

  4. Juan Deuce says:

    Not the best choice to sell burgers but at least it shows a more realistic side to fast food commercials. It’s a break from the normal adds with perfect people in them. The one thing I take from the commercial is that Wendys is a family establishment that doesnt shy away from the actual effect of eating burger’s. Real Fries, Real People. Regardless if Wendy is big, she seems contempt with cashing in on other people’s appetites.

  5. I bet the marketeers have done their homework on this, their probably thinking half the country is not bothered by seeing this fatty boom batty Wendy as people are fatter than ever and now because they see fat Wendy they feel better about gorging themselves on the triple baconator. Who knows? maybe she lost weight before the commercial. Besides they have to take advantage of the family advertising value before she dies of congestive heart failure.

  6. kirks5475@earthlink.net says:

    I don’t know about you, but that article was hilarious, and a tip of the cap to Nick the “fatty hater” as well. Any people griping about this article are most likely neckless, cankleators, whining about their “thyroid condition” as they are stuffing their second helping of gravy poured over a batch of ho-ho’s down their gluttenous hole. Stop complaining because those of us with eyeballs notice your gelatinous flesh cascading down your Jabba the Hut frame as you walk with legs sideways because your thunder thighs cannot rub together anymore as they look like they belong on your average T-Rex. Stop “surfing” the web and find a treadmill before you collapse under your own weight fatty-fat-fat.

  7. cher says:

    Great article. And it definitely has nothing to do with this guy being anti-fat people. You can have fat friends and like people who are fat but still not want to be fat yourself, and there is nothing wrong with that.
    They definitely made a mistake here. Personally, I don’t eat fast food. Because I don’t want to be a fatty.. like Wendy. Looks like I made a good choice.

  8. username says:

    You do realize, that woman is probably about a size 14 or even a 12. Yes, she is overweight, you can see it in her face, but the fact is, TV people never have a double digit size, and even a 6 is seen as too much. Also, notice the people who pass by in the background at :09-10 there are three of them…all fat!

    • Richard says:

      lol…noooooo. HELL no. I know plenty of women who are 12 or 14s, and they look nothing like that. My ex was 160 lbs and a size 12…Wendy is 200 pounds, at least.

  9. sdf says:

    Yah… the only thing memorable about the commercial is how fat she is. Terrible commercial.

  10. Brian says:

    After seeing the success of Chick-fil-A’s marketing, Wendy’s decided it too should use a cow in its commercials.

  11. Thomas says:

    Spot on.
    I am vegetarian, and Wendy’s is my go-to fast food joint. A couple of plain baked potatoes, a garden side salad, and a bunch of the chili sauce packets, and I’m good to go.
    She didn’t do them any favors here.

  12. mms77 says:

    I felt a little embarassed at my shallow first thought “wow, she’s big”…of course then I realized, um HELLOOOOOO…anybody remember what Dave Thomas looked like? How come there was no big deal about HIS weight…ooooh yeah, that’s right. Cause we’re all fine with a woman in a public ad being fat, as long as it’s as a comedian or a villain????

    • Richard says:

      No, I don’t think that’s the point here. Dave Thomas was big from the day we saw him. Wendy’s picture, as a skinny little pigtailed girl, is right up there on the sign. That’s the image of Wendy’s that we grew up seeing. The real thing here is the shock factor of comparing “Little Wendy” on the sign to “Supersize Wendy” 40 years later.

  13. mick says:

    lol men can be fat because they offer more to the world than just looks.

  14. Aldousmom says:

    I see the commercial as more “normalization” of obvious ill-health. God bless America

  15. ILikeFatGirls says:

    She has a terrible haircut ti boot.

  16. Ben says:

    I manage a gym and not to be a jerk, but very few people are overweight by genetics. By choice or by genetics, its still a choice to be healthy or not to be healthy. I love to see when people reinvent themselves through hard work and dedication. But honestly when overweight members cancel im never caught off guard, they don’t want to do what it takes. Not to say Wendy is not a successful person, but shes neglecting one of the most important things, especially if your trying to re brand your company with healthy options.

    • Geneticist says:

      What about those that are skinny but eat unhealthy all the time? Were they not “genetically skinny?” I know many people who have gotten even lapband and still are overweight and excercize AND eat close to nothing because they cant keep it down and are still “overweight” by medical standards. Sometimes it is genetic, but people only see that things are genetic when you have characteristics like red hair.

  17. Christine says:

    Bad ad, dumb marketing. Yeah Dave Thomas was fat, too, but he died prematurely, so that shuld tell you something right there. A fat guy is just as gross as a fat woman. I agree that being fat is not in the genes…it’s a choice to eat too much and to eat unhealthy food. To me, being fat is about lack of discipline. Eating fresh, healthy food is not that difficult….it’s about choices…for a quick meal, rotisserie chicken instead of fried chicken at the deli counter. Add salad and green beans instead of French fries. It’s all there, just put the good stuff in the shopping cart….and stay away from fast food and you won’t look like Wendy….

    • username says:

      rotisserie chicken is injected with fat and artificial flavorings. It is NOT a healthy choice, though it might be just a tad less fatty than fried chicken. The healthiest foods are unprocessed, fat-free, plant based starches, leafy greens, grains, fruits. Leave the chicken out entirely and while you’re at it, leave out the beef, pork, fish, dairy and eggs, too. THEN you’re eating healthy.

      • Brea says:

        You’re an idiot. Dairy products, eggs and fish are all very healthy for you. You sound like one of those vegan morons that think salad is healthy. New flash: it’s not! Healthy means it has some nutritional value, which salad really doed not; it is mostly just water. I’m not saying that burgers or fried chicken is healthy either, I’m just saying moderation is good. But spouting that dairy, eggs and fish are unhealthy is just ignorant. Maybe that’s why most vegans I know look so sickly. Just please learn you facts.

    • MaxRunner says:

      I wouldn’t call 69 “pre-mature” when it’s only about six years shy of the national average. He also died from cancer.

  18. To be honest… She is a lot skinnier than I thought she would be. But the first thing I thought when I saw the commercial. (Mid way through) Was WTF is Wendy’s doing? Then someone told me it was the original Wendy supporting a new sandwich in the name of her father.

    Nice gesture. I have NOT been back to a Wendy’s and I am assuming it had something to do with the commercial imprinted into my mind.

  19. Christine says:

    I don’t agree with what sounds like a vegan diet. Organic chicken from Whole Foods is not a bad choice. Nor are low fat meats. I maintain a healthy weight, and cholesterol and a single digit size. I eat a lot of vegetables and salad and keep sugars and carbs low. I spend at least a month in France every year and they enjoy heir poulet-rotie regularly, as well as balanced meals of good, fresh foods and are quite thin and enjoy life. Not to mention a great red wine.

  20. jon says:

    Yeah, I’m so annoyed with this ad I had to Google how many other ppl agree. She doesn’t help but the ad in general is just bad, terrible catch line, and it ends with her annoying ppl at a table… A w has a fat guy in their commercials but he’s confident and funny

  21. Tim says:

    As soon as I saw this commercial,I typed “Wendy is fat” in my search box.just to see what came up.I imagine the board members cringing when she announced that she would be in their commercials.What a stupid decision! I will specifically NOT eat at Wendy’s simply because that cow is in the commercials.I like to think of Wendy as a little Pippi Longstocking looking freckle faced kid,not some obese fatty mcfat face.Atleast now I don’t have to ask “Where’s the Beef ?” because it looks like Wendy ate it all!

  22. jjmcgu07 says:

    If you want to sell a burger, take a note out of Hardee’s notebook by incorporating Paris Hilton and tying in a catchy and trendy catchphrase. As a marketer myself I can see each argument as relevant, but it comes down to the purpose of an advertisement, which is to stimulate purchase. Be honest in answering the question who would you rather buy a burger from? Its understandable to use Wendy as the spokesperson but not when she looks like she ate the value menu for breakfast.

  23. goddessroots says:

    The late founder of Wendy’s, Dave Thomas, was also fat. And he was in all of their recent commercials before his death. What’s the difference?

  24. BizzK18 says:

    Yeah this article is “old” now, but I don’t care. I personally think the Wendy’s marketing team should have gone the old people route. Every time I don’t go through the drive through at Wendy’s and actually order inside the restaurant (which is rare, mostly because I don’t eat at Wendy’s in general), the demographic is more often then not 60-70% old people, let me clarify old, 60-110 years old. Those guys love themselves a baked potato, cup of chili, or a burger with nothing but mustard and ketchup, “where’s the beef?” Am I right or am I right? Right?

    Just Sayin’ (Vegeta wasn’t evil, he was a Just Saiyan.)

  25. fresh_is_good says:

    Great stuff on this thread. I saw a recent ad, and googled this because Wendy looked bigger than before. Maybe it was just more irritating. Fast food should be banned, or gradually decommissioned by our government. Some people aren’t smart enough not to eat it regularly.

    • bryan says:

      Government is not the answer… how about some personal responsibility?

      • Jessie says:

        No Kidding! I’m so sick of nobody taking personal responsibility! suing McDonalds because you got fat, was your choice to eat there constantly! How can you blame fast food places for your own choice?

  26. wow. is it suprising shes fat? she will probably die like her father. from heart disease.

  27. Brian says:

    People keep talking about her dad, Dave Thomas, at least he did something other than be born. He built an empire, which in itself can be stressful and lead to being overweight, she did nothing but suckle at the power teat, get fat, then think she was as good as her dad and hop on a tv ad. Stupid move by Wendy’s, people don’t want to KNOW that fast food makes them look like fatty mchuge pants, they want to think they can slam some baconators then be hot… Which from the tv ad does not seem plausible.

  28. Jessie says:

    I might have agreed with this article if the focus wasn’t that Wendy’s slogan is “real”, I don’t see how “real” and “fat” corrispond together. if the Slogan was “Healthy” this would make sense, but it’s not. Eating too much of anything can lead to weight gain, or not excercising either. Just because Wendy may not be thin and trim doesn’t mean it’s at the hands of the Restaurant, and I find it commical that the writer said he’s not descriminating overweight people and then goes on to make statements such as “splurging on baconators” and “Wendy and her double chin”. This article is completely unclassy.

  29. TheBabySitterKiller says:

    Oddly enough they now have a couple of new commercials with a slim, hot little redhead, the new Wendy as it seems. They haven’t addressed her as Wendy but in the commercials she’s not portrayed as a customer, more of a spokesperson so they’re obviously trying to pass her off as Wendy. It’s seems as though you’re right and showing the “real” Wendy has somehow hurt their image so they’ve decided to go with hot Wendy. It’s funny, when it’s men nobody really gives a shit about their size like Dave himself, his image never hurt the business, or the fat guy they use in the A&W commercials. If it’s a woman, different story.

  30. HB81 says:

    I purposely looked up this topic to make sure I wasn’t the only one who thought this was the worst decision ever from a marketing/advertising perspective. Something tells me though because since the one you posted they introduced a young skinny red head that didn’t last long and then she was back. I think Mrs. Wendy has a ego and didn’t like being replaced by a skinny version of herself. She needs to let the pride go and realize its just bad marketing… Sorry. Unfortunately it is more sociable acceptable for a guy to have more weight (Dave) but he portrayed a father-like figure with charm and something of a good chef appeal. But introducing the daughter who was raised around burgers to show up overweight just make you want to put the burger down

  31. skinnygirlscaredtobeeatin says:

    Yes. Wendy is disgusting. Wendy’s would not be operational if no one spent their money there. Fat people have to make money just to “feed the beast” so to speak. It doesn’t matter what skinny people do. Fat people are going to buy food.

  32. @HB81 Totally agree! Lately there’s seem to be an advertising war going on with the major fast food chains. Did any of y’all see BK’s recent surge in new food and look. Thoughts?

  33. You’re right. I grew up as a little kid thinking of Wendy as a little skinny girl in pigtails (I’m 43 now). As far as Dave Thomas being fat, he always came across as the ‘Colonel Sanders’ of burgers- more like a nice dad or uncle image. Wendy is fat- they should have hired a fake Wendy to play her. No one wants to see that.

  34. Stacey says:

    I think y’all are wrong she is not fat and she can be healthy at her weight it’s not about how much you weight because smaller people can be very unhealthy too. No one has a right to talk down on anyone she fine the way she is.

    • MustacheRides says:

      Marketing genius! Statistics show that lower income families tend to be overweight due to the low cost of fast food. Nothing says “she’s just like us” better than a few pounds Wouldn’t surprise me if Wendy didn’t actually gain weight for the commercials. The OP’s last paragraph did make me laugh pretty hard though. You guys actually think you’re smarter than those high paid AD executives? I guarantee there are ALOT more overweight people eating there than those who are fit.

  35. Tony says:

    The question is what has changed. Davie Thomas was more over weight than wendy but no one brings up his weight problem. Its probrobly more than over eating that has made her what she is, its her genetics. Not everyone whos fat is so because they can’t say no to a cheeseburger. The company chose wendy as a spokeswoman for who she is not what she weighs. If the writer wants to he can start his own hamburger resturant and hire skinny super models all day long. Until then hes just a shallow person judging people he doesnt know.

  36. Joshua Compton says:

    Several points:

    1) Dave Thomas was fat, but in an entirely normal way for a middle-aged businessman. His visual appeal came from the fact that he was pretty much what he appeared to be: a meek-voiced, stoop-shouldered middle aged guy in a suit, tie and apron who’d worked hard cooking for pretty much his entire life and just wanted to sell you hamburgers. Thus he came off as highly authentic and well-liked by audiences.

    2) Melinda Lou Thomas (originally “Wenda”, later took up “Wendy” to match brand name) is obese. Despite the 100% above-waist camera angles, she’s clearly shorter than Dave and also simply has more body fat. Dave had a lively, soft aged sort of face; hers is younger but moon-shaped and visibly bloated, to the point where a double chin is visible in several shots (being carefully and conspicuously avoided in others). Her clothing is pure business and has no obvious connection to the food itself, leaving her coming off as an executive or perhaps a spokesperson rather than “the owner”. Her visual appeal is nonexistent; I originally assumed they were showing so many close ups of her face in an effort to try and disassociate the public’s visual connection to the pigtailed freckled Wendy logo as part of a radical rebranding strategy. Turns out I was wrong, she seems to be quite straightforward. I’ll freely admit, her face makes me cringe. Large portions of her jawline seem to be composed of pizza dough.

    3) People expected Dave to be fat. They didn’t expect Wendy to be obese.

  37. dude says:

    I thought the same thing after seeing the new commercials. Sitting there thinking who is going to want to eat there when they’ve seen what it’s done to Wendy!? Bad marketing decision.

  38. Kaylee says:

    What’s wrong with being gellateanous? 😉 If you know what I mean.

  39. mark says:

    I have a tivo. I zap the commercials.

  40. Tom says:

    Sigh, I wish Dave Thomas was still alive so we wouldn’t have to look at this manatee. 😦 Her fat is depressing me. By the way Wendy’s, never frozen meat is a HORRIBLE idea bacteria wise. Frozen is preferred…

  41. Paul M says:

    Obesity is rampant in the U.S. and diabetes and other weight related diseases are rising out of control. Healthcare has become so much more expensive because of this, and so few average people seem to care. The current generation of children is actually the FIRST to be predicted to have a SHORTER lifespan than the last generation, and we do have the power to stop it. It’s about time the country adopts a healthier lifestyle.

    We should all probably skip Wendy’s and other fast food restaurants whenever possible (or least be calorie and nutrient conscious when we do have eat there). I really don’t want to say anything negative about Wendy. She may very well be nice and happy individual. She, however, is likely unhealthy, and is probably feeling the demands of her weight, as anyone overweight would. So often those that are overweight think that is normal, and don’t realize how much better they would feel at a normal weight level.

    I for one, am glad Wendy is in the commercials. Perhaps this will sway a few folks away from fast food, and if it saves just one life, it was worth it.

  42. What the hell says:

    LOL This page is great. I was just watching this commercial and had to hit up google to see if anyone was with me on this one. What the hell is Wendys thinking? Fat people don’t want to be reminded that they’re fat when they eat at Wendys, they want to believe that they can look like that model in the commercials. Wendy Thomas is clearly not that model. I’m OK with a few extra lbs on a woman, I’ve been known to bang a few fatties after a night of drinking, but the double chin is where I draw the line. Her plump face is gross as hell, I can just imagine it wobbling around while she runs (not that she ever does LOL) or her making that “c’mon are you serious” face that people make by tilting their head down and her chins just exploding like an overflowing container of fat. Absolutely does not make me want to eat a burger. I bet you anything all the ad execs at burger king knew this was a bad idea, but this fatty just had to show the world that its “ok to be fat.”. Well guess what Wendy, its OK to be fat, but not if you’re trying to sell fattening food, fatty.

  43. nonameplease says:

    The latest spokeswoman in the green and white striped shirt is not fat.

  44. JimmyHattz…you are an ignorant shit stick. Fire everyone in marketing? It was a heritage piece. Who gives a monkey’s ass if she’s fat or not? Obviously you are not in a career where you hire and fire your own staff. When was the last time you saw any other fast food chain use a member of the founding family, much less the daughter/namesake for which their name is derived? Never! Exactly! Fatty cheeseburgers, french fries and creamy milkshakes are as American as apple pie! Wendy’s has not once claimed that their food is perfect and ideal for everyday consumption. That’s a no-brainer. What they have said is that their main ingredient is quality, which is absolutely true! Their pattys are never frozen and not once have they used the nasty “pink slime” in any of their products. And the comment about Dave being fat is a simple notation that fat bodies run in the family, and her body’s mass index is more genetic than anything else. Mrs. Obama and her children are fat. They’re certainly not skinny! If you don’t like Wendy’s, then don’t eat their food. If “perception” is everything, then let’s see you create an American icon such as Wendy’s, and build your own business from the ground up that is as remotely successful as the later. But in actuality, who gives a shit? Right? Moron!

  45. Lola says:

    I’m skinny but you are a very mean person. I bet you r a guy.

  46. Lola says:

    My goodness! After reading all of these comments one thing is clear; you people are all idiots. What a shallow society we live in.

  47. MR. Reality says:

    Man the harpoons! It’s the grossly fat spokeswoman from Wendy’s, whose jaw is visibly the largest muscle in her body. Perhaps a treadmill she should seek, or give up eating fudge blocks by the fistful. Her meat claws likely have dried lard encrusted in the fingernails. She’s so fat, a picture of her would fall off the wall. Sorry, Miss Thomas, that we still don’t have hamburgers large enough to accommodate you.

  48. Barbara says:

    Only men would post such brain dead comments about a woman they’ve never met. Considering half the population is over their ideal weight I would bet a thousand wendy burgers one of you is big and fat. I wouldn’t even consider her fat compared to the tubbs I’ve seen cruising the Mcdonalds drive thru. A typical woman who’s probably had a few kids and who’s weight has caught up with her age, nothing unusual about her. Its a fast food restaurant, you expected something healthy to come of this? Get over yourselves, pathetic..

  49. ILIKEgirlswithredhair says:

    I love love love the new girl!!!

  50. This is not about Wendy as a person. She may be a very nice woman. But she is clearly dramatically overweight and unhealthy. For those concerned about their health and appearance, using her as the spokesperson is a disaster. But judging from the number of overweight people in this country, I suspect there’s a massive (pardon the pun) group out there who look at Wendy as “one of us”‘, and therefore rush right over to get the same overdose of fat fries and greasy burgers. For me, I wouldn’t buy a thing at Wendy’s or any of the rest of the fast food fattening facilities! Maybe Wendy’s did healthy-eating, exercising people a favor by showing what happens to the human body when immersed in lard.

  51. kris says:

    if this guy was intellegent he would realize that there are more reasons then just eating fast food for obesity. lack of sleep can cause it. Diabetes, pregnancy, and thick bones can cause it along with many other reasons. I agree with her wealth im sure she is not eating wendys. Also everyone knows that eating fast food can cause weight gain, so everyone who eats it knows that is a consequence. So I guess he is saying that if a disabled kid that couldnt walk was obese we should just assume that its because of fast food right… No because of lack of excercise. You can eat healthy and still be over weight

  52. Arthur Compton says:

    Say it with me now: Wendy is not fat. Wendy is not overweight. Wendy is morbidly obese.

    Overweight = over your optimal weight for your height/age
    Obese = 20% or more over your optimal weight
    Morbidly Obese = 100% or 100lbs over your optimal weight

    Most of America is overweight or obese. They don’t look odd to our eyes. MORBID obesity is a different animal. It accounts for only 5% of the population, and is impossible to ignore. The morbid part means “killing yourself with food”.

    Morbid obesity basically screams “I have major self-control/mental health problems that cause me to try to kill myself with food. I somehow have managed to eat my way into 100 lbs+ of fat, which takes many years of hard, deliberate overeating. I have many health problems as a result, and I will likely die before I turn 50, but I can’t or won’t stop myself because as I said, I’m either tremendously lazy or mentally ill. I demand you respect me.”

    Uhhhh no.

  53. chocotacos311 says:

    They saw how bad they screwed that ad campaign up and that’s why you now see an attractive skinny Wendy instead of that whale. People become that fat because of poor lifestyle choices very rarely is it a dramatic thyroid problem or serious medical issue. Everyone that says she isn’t fat or is only chubby is enabling fat people everywhere by telling them their figure is acceptable. My cousin used to be fat and blamed it on genetics. We told him he was fat and he needed to work out on a regular basis. After dealing with our shit for about a year or so he got into the gym and hasn’t looked back. He has dropped over 70lbs and is in amazing shape. After losing all that weight he joined his high school track team and done things he never thought he could do. He got a girlfriend for the first time in his life, it might be shallow but it is also reality. His life is so much better because he decided he didn’t want to put up with being called fat. Don ‘t enable people by telling them what they want to hear. Be real with them and encourage them to make positive changes to their life.

  54. John Cappello says:

    She REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY is NOT that fat. She’s a little big, but not moreso than most women her age. Come on. Hold your frickin biased opinion down and open your eyes. She just simply is NOT very fat. Jesus H-mas Christ. I’d say she’s husky. I’d guess she’s 200-220 lbs. She just doesn’t look very fat, and your critique of her physique and her corporation just isn’t right.

    • Viraaj says:

      No matter how many ‘really’s you tack onto your statement it doesn’t change the facts: Unless Wendy here is pushing 6’4 she’s clinically obese-


      • chocotacos311 says:

        Excellent point Viraaj. People who are defending her obesity are more than likely in terrible physical shape themselves and simply trying to rationalize that.

      • Tony says:

        Actually some people defend her because we are not jerks. It’s funny Dave was the Wendy’s spokesman for years. He’s obese as well but no one judged him or said he was unworthy to be a spokes person. It would be nice if people could just watch the ad and critiic what she’s doing not make shallow value judgements about strangers.

      • John Cappello says:

        I’m 5’11” and weigh 150 lbs more or less. Not that it matters. Not that I defended her out of pity. When I took a look at her I thought she wasn’t very fat.

        And yes Viraaj, she is clinically obese. So are many women her age. Just because she is the heiress of a fast food corporation doesn’t mean we need to hold her at a higher standard than every other bloated mom or daughter in America.

    • Fit Steve says:

      I’m guessing you are obese like her. Good job. All the REALLYs in the world couldn’t hide the Truth and that is she IS fat and you most likely are. Gluttony is pathetic as well as using the Lord’s name in vein. My comments are all facts.

  55. Viraaj says:

    Bad move for the Franchise – great move for health advocates. Having an overweight spokesperson for a fast food chain IS being REAL. Maybe it wasn’t the marketing team’s intentions, but I’m on board because it’s truthful advertising on some unintentional ‘OOPS’ level 🙂

  56. zxy50 says:

    Really? If they put a thin person on a commercial, are you really dumb enough to thing they got thin eating the high calorie things from the place they are advertising? They are hired, they don’t care about the brand. Dave Thomas used to promote Wendy’s and now Wendy Thomas does. So what, you won’t eat there because Wendy Thomas is overweight? Get an effin salad then. If you eat fat, you will get fat, regardless of it there is a supermodel or a fat person promoting the product.

  57. Faith Ann Dieting says:

    Come on, guys… Let’s stop for a second and pretend she doesn’t eat gigantic cheeseburgers as midnight snacks. What if this leviathan were your fat mother? Or your fat sister? Or if she subdivided and became several fat people? Just because she could unwittingly be ten months pregnant with twins does not justify you in condemning the giant. I hope she lives a large, wide life and sells lots of burgers so that she can afford her custom-sized pantsuits and clever jewelry.

    • John Cappello says:

      Hilarious. I agree. Unless you’re prepared to slap a Wendy’s Baconator from her bulging hands (on which I’m certain each layer of skin is slowly collapsing on itself and dead skin flakes off like falling anvils), it’s just senseless to criticize her. She’s the namesake of the restaurant, there isn’t an argument one can stand (or collapse) to make for her not being the appropriate spokeswoman.

  58. Fit Steve says:

    I love it! Shows how Wendy’s is kissing a big fat ass to destroy their image. Wake up Wendy’s, wake up Wendy and wake up America. You are pathetic if you don’t take care of yourself from the inside out. You are what you eat. Too much “bacon” Wendy. Haha!

    • MiaBeeks@gmail.com says:

      (made corrections) My heart goes out to those who struggle with high weight gain. I carried twins 23 years ago and regradless to it being a pregnancy it was more than enough to empathize with those who struggle with weight gain. Don’t know what it’s like to be viewed as heavy. But the person who wrote this story about Wendy Thomas in January, must have some form of lowness about himself that he has to poke at another’s flaws. Low self esteem bully is what i call people like these evil little mean people that comment negativity on this posting. The meaning of a Low-Sel-Esteem Bully is one who points out others flaws hoping no one will take a shot at theirs! Spokes person or not everyone eats so i personally find it nice to see the namesake woman Wendy representing the company her dad started People need to get off the Vanity Train or find yourself in HELL! (Reposting Edit version)My heart goes out to those who struggle with high weight gain. Just carry twins ( regradless to it being a pregnancy) eas more than enough to empathize with those who struggle with gain. Don’t know what it’s like to be viewed as the weight gain word. But the person who wrote this story about Wendy Thomad must have so form of lowness about himself that he has to poke at another. Low self esteem bully ( one who points out others flaws hoping no one will take a shot at theirs)! Spokes person or not everyone eats so i personally find it nice to see the namesake woman representing the company her dad start. People need to get off the Vanity train or find yourself in HELL! (reposting edited version)

  59. missybfromac says:

    Geez you guys have nothing else to do but Wendy-bash. If you’re offended, don’t eat there.

  60. MiaBeeks@gmail.com says:

    My heart goes out to those who struggle with high weight gain. Just carry twins ( regradless to it being a pregnancy) eas more than enough to empathize with those who struggle with gain. Don’t know what it’s like to be viewed as the weight gain word. But the person who wrote this story about Wendy Thomad must have so form of lowness about himself that he has to poke at another. Low self esteem bully ( one who points out others flaws hoping no one will take a shot at theirs)! Spokes person or not everyone eats so i personally find it nice to see the namesake woman representing the company her dad start. People need to get off the Vanity train or find yourself in HELL!

  61. Arturo Chapa says:

    Gotta say, he’s right. You just don’t want a overweight fast foot spokesperson. It has nothing to do with weight sensitivity, it’s a business decision. A bad one.

  62. adamderbyshire@comcast.net says:

    At least they used a skinny hand model to display the “big n juicy” cards. I guess they didn’t want man hands pulverizing the card.

  63. jonnie says:

    she’s fat but they still makes a tasty hamburger

  64. Terrance says:

    I think it’s funny that many of the people who disagreed with this article got accused or being obese.

    That’s not a mature way way to continue a discussion with disagreeing viewpoints.

  65. Sonny says:

    Go ahead and defend Wendy. America’s obesity rate in every states will reach 44 percent by 2030. We are the laughingstock of every other country.

    • adam says:

      At the end of the day yes we are fat but I highly doubt we are the laughingstock of every other country when American craftsmanship is the highest regarded worldwide and every other country wishes they had the resources and open-market freedom america has.

      • Christine says:

        Actually, Sonny is right. I’m in France and spend a few months a year here. It is said and is common knowledge that Americans are super sized and often want large portions in restaurants…not common here. American craftsmanship? Are you kidding? Most of our crap is made in China! I prefer to buy my clothing here as it is higher quality and most is made in France or other parts of the EU. Tunisia is “their China” but the goods are of much better quality than our junk from China.

      • adam says:

        So your making an assumption by taking information from a country, france, which is clearly anti-american as anybody with any travelling throughout europe knows. American craftsmanship is not stuff from china, that is called outsourcing. I’ve lived in asia, “made in america” is highly sought after throughout the world and has nothing to do with our trade defecit with china. My first sentence says “yes we are fat” I agree with that so you don’t need to ask the biased french for what they think of the US that’s like asking iraq what they think of the US. French clothes are not cheap, in fact compared to US clothing they are very expensive and not all clothes are made in france, that is laughable. Tunisia is in the middle of a civil war and is part of the arab spring so I’m pretty sure china and tunisia are hand in hand as far as quality goes. Many europeans travel to the US for he sole purpose of buying clothes in the USA. Clothes are designed in France not made there. If you travel throughout the world you will know american craftsmanship is top rank, that is why it costs a premium to have.

      • I spend a lot of time here, and they are not anti-American. They are our oldest ally. If it were not for France, we would not be here as a country. Just visit Lafayette’s tomb and see the American flag that flies over this dual citizen’s grave. Not to mention the Statue of Liberty, the big one and the two(?) in France. I have seen one for sure. Jefferson, Adams and Franklin spent a lot of time here getting help for our Revolution. And, when I visit their museums of French history, I see with pride the photos of Americans liberating Paris and landing at Normandy. They do thank us for helping them in their time of need as much as we owe them in the establishment of the colonies and birth of our nation.

  66. }ames says:

    Maybe that’s their plan..show her fat and then she will lose weight…I doubt it but just a thought

  67. Eric says:

    I occasionally eat at fast food establishments as a matter of convenience. Since having seen the obese Wendy touting her father’s burgers, I must admit the advertising image of Dave’s overweight daughter has caused me to pass up WENDY’S for some other establishment that does not remind me of the poor food choice I am making.

  68. Logtec says:

    Ronald mcDonald is so skinny cuz he sniffs coke at an alarming rate.
    But honestly – I like how Wendy is chubby, at least she is real…
    not like the other Wendy’s girl with the red hair, who seems to show up with a bag of take out where ever people are hungry…

  69. sarah says:

    This was so funny to see i just said this the other day i am fat i admit it and i probly eat too much fast food but just the other day i said to my husband that putting a “fat” person on a fast food commercial was the stupided idea ever

  70. Alyssa says:

    What does her having some extra weight have to do with anything? So Wendy’s should feature supermodels in their commercials to advertise that their food is healthy? First of all, Wendy’s food is not healthy to begin with. Secondly, who cares if Wendy has some extra weight. Don’t you people realize that she probably eats many different foods just like any other typical American. It’s not like she eats food from Wendy’s morning, noon, and night so there is no direct correlation between her weight and Wendy’s food. Most American’s have extra weight so come on….

  71. Greg Meyer says:

    Wendy is hott,very beautiful full figured woman 100% real woman/—I love you Wendy

  72. Danny says:

    Seems like a nice person, I’d buy a burger.

  73. “Wendy is..FAT?!?! |” was in fact a good posting. If solely there was significantly more sites like this specific one in the actual world wide web.

    Nonetheless, thanks for your time, Fidelia

  74. David H says:

    I totally agree, this is terrible marketing!
    Whenever i think about taking a bite into a wendy’s burger I just think of her Fatness now! BLeh

  75. Pingback: Fast Food Commercial Hierarchy | Tube Top Television

  76. sue lee says:

    Face it if you eat at Wendy’s you will end up looking like the ad!

  77. sue lee says:

    There are other places I will not mention names that are worst for your health..

  78. sue lee says:

    People can eat at places that serve up fast food but they just have go once a while. I don’t think the ad shows the average person that goes to that restaurant.

  79. sue lee says:

    remember Wendy’s gives to charity

  80. Amber Honig says:

    Maybe They Have A New Target Market: 35-50 Years Old, Life-long Wendy’s Consumers, Slightly Overweight. Maybe Wendy’s Did Mean To Target This Group Because It’s A Growing Segment Of Americans.

  81. Tony says:

    I don’t know why people are so hung up on her weight. Until he got sick Dave was easily as big but no one ever mentioned his weight. Sounds like a bit of a double standard.

  82. Dick Rivers says:

    Did she eat her father? Shae looks like a potatoe with legs. Triple fat fatty

  83. Jay says:

    She’s not even that fat!! What, about 320 pounds? 350?

  84. Steve says:

    You’re a douche bag lol— I want to make it clear that I don’t in any way dis rinse against douche bags…but isn’t it important not to be a douche bag when you are a writer?

  85. Steve says:

    You’re a douche bag lol— I want to make it clear that I don’t in any way discriminate against douche bags…but isn’t it important not to be a douche bag when you are a writer?

  86. vtivtoi says:

    what a fucking fat fuck

  87. Dicategr12l says:

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